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Three months have passed. It was time to gather strength, make important decisions for yourself, and plunge into the work of the We Compete As One Foundation.

Months with no days off and more than ten business meetings a day have become the norm. Painstaking work was carried out, business processes launched, partners and like-minded people found.

We support athletes who are unable to compete because of non-sporting decisions. Foundation has a strong team, breakthrough ideas, and most importantly, wards who inspire us to find the best solutions and work hard.

Official start coming soon.
#NM #WeCompeteAsOne
Thanks to @championat for a fascinating and informative article about the recent event of our We Compete As One foundation!

At the informal meeting with the first wards, friends and team, founder of the Foundation Nikita Mazepin revealed the reasons for creating a charity that helps athletes disqualified from competing for non-sporting reasons, as well as his story of leaving Formula One. The first wards of We Compete As One foundation shared their emotions after the suspension and how it has affected their lives and future plans. Find out what kinds of support our Foundation will provide, when the official launch is expected and much more in @championat article.

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We Compete As One foundation team is a loyal community of like-minded people. These are the athletes with whom we are involved, their curators willing to help 24/7, the experienced sports psychologist, our friends and partners and the founder of the Foundation and professional racer Nikita Mazepin, who has personally faced disqualification for non-sporting reasons. We are united by one common goal - to support athletes who have been banned from participation in international competitions for reasons that have nothing to do with sports.

We believe that sport should remain a neutral, open and friendly environment regardless of external events. Our team is committed to supporting those who have been denied the opportunity to do what they love, thus #WeCompeteAsOne.
Over the last couple of weeks the Foundation team has been actively preparing for an important event coming up soon in St. Petersburg. As you have probably guessed by now, the Foundation will be on the agenda of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) 2022!

This Thursday our founder Nikita Mazepin will take part in the Forum's business program in two sessions: "Champions: from Medal to Brand" and "Sport: Lifestyle and Business". In the first discussion, moderated by Vasily Konov, Nikita will speak alongside renowned athletes Arina and Dina Averina, Nikita Nagorny, Evgeny Rylov and famous sports influencers Samira Mustafaeva and Alexey Stoliarov. Nikita will share his opinion about the connection between sport and business, and he will also talk about #WeCompeteAsOne foundation.

We are very happy about this opportunity, because the Foundation has just launched and it’s rapidly gaining momentum.

Stay tuned!
Today, the We Compete As One foundation begins its work with athletes excluded from competition for non-sporting reasons. Our founder @nikitamazepinofficial made the announcement at the SPIEF, where he took part in two round table discussions.

During the round table "Champions: from Medal to Brand", moderated by Vasily Konov @KOnOfff, Nikita, along with Olympic medalists and champions, and famous influencers, discussed how the media image affects personal projects of athletes. By the example of the Foundation, Nikita showed how personal brand helps to promote a charitable project and form a community around it.

Earlier that day Nikita participated in the expert session "Sport: Lifestyle and Business", moderated by Georgy Cherdantsev @cherdantsev. The main topic of discussion was integration of sport and business in modern corporate culture. Nikita shared his personal story about what inspired him to create this unique project and underlined the role sports played in it.

A big day!
Nikita Nagornyy, Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medal winner in artistic gymnastics, has joined our Board of Champions!

«I am delighted to join the Board of Champions of the We Compete As One foundation. For me it means not only recognition of the significance of the Foundation's mission and goals, but also an expression of my support for athletes who have been disqualified from competitions for non-sporting reasons. We athletes are used to living within a sporting schedule and being focused on competitive cycles. It is not easy to rediscover yourself after disqualification. It is extremely important to have reliable, attentive and competent people by your side. And the #WeCompeteAsOne foundation can provide this much needed support for athletes».

We are glad to welcome @nikitanagornyy to our ranks!
Dear friends, we would like to announce that we have just launched the official website of the We Compete As One foundation!

Learn more about our mission, values, team and the Board of Champions, which includes famous Russian athletes via link.

Athletes who were disqualified from competing for non-sporting reasons can now apply for support from our Foundation.