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Courses For Febuary 2019
To Signup for this Courses click on this link
following workshops listed as follows:-
1. The Art and practice of Security Surveying
1 st Batch
Date: 5th– 7th February 2019
2nd Batch

Date: 4th- 6th December 2019
Venue: NIIS Training Centre, 1b Shiro Street Fadeyi,Yaba, Lagos
Fees: N100,000 per participant for non- members and N75,000 for members

2. Advanced Control Room Course
1st Batch
Date: 18th-22nd February,2019
2nd Batch
Date: 20th– 24th May, 2019
Venue: Limeridge Hotel, Chevron Drive, Lekki, Lagos
Fee: N 190,000 per participant

3. Hostile Environment Awareness Training (Heat)
1st Batch
Date: 21st– 22ndFebruary 2019
2nd Batch
Date: 10th– 12th July 2019
Venue: NIIS Training Centre, 1b Shiro Street Fadeyi,Yaba, Lagos
Fees: #100,000 per participant

4. Advanced Guard force Management
1st Batch
Date: 12th- 14th February, 2019
2nd Batch
Date: 19th– 21stJune, 2019
Venue: NIIS Training Centre, 1b Shiro Street, Fadeyi, Yaba, Lagos.
3rd Batch
Date: 26th- 28th June, 2019
Venue: NIIS Training Centre, Opp. Rain Oil Filling station, Effurun, Delta State.
Fees: N100, 000 per participant for non members and N75, 000 per participant
for corporate members.
Strategies for Combating the Act of Kidnap

Objective:- This program has been designed to expose participants to the modus operandi of kidnapers, preventive strategies as well as methods of resolving kidnap incidents.
Forwarded from Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security Nationwide
Nigeria: Boko Haram Kills 17, Abducts 12 Others in Borno
CBM, an international Christian development organisation, requires the service of a Safety and security officer, Note, this is a 2yrs fixed term contract,local position to be based in Abuja Nigeria. Qualification Bachelors degree in a related field(Administration, management) or an equivalent education and work experience, 5yr field leadership experience in Security management, interested person should send CV and cover letter to deadline 18th of march. Best of luck
Forwarded from Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security Nationwide
With the Governorship and the House of Assembly election coming up this Saturday (09/03/2019),it becomes highly imperative for us to review our personal security strategy.
The two elections being localized, are both crucial and strategic, as the different gladiators  will be all out to make strong statements at their respective Domain. This comes with its own security implications

We hereby wishes to emphasize the underlisted security advices ;-
👌🏾Keep a low profile/avoid undue exposure.
👌🏾Avoid hanging out for too long/too late, today (Friday 08/03/2019), as this is the last and the final lap for the different government security agencies, politicians and their faithful, others to put finishing touches to their respective preparations . Hence, the different roads are expected to be busy. With tension at its peak, clashes of opposition is a high possibility.
👌🏾In the bid to perform our civic duties, we must ensure the coast is clear and it is safe to do so.
👌🏾Get adequate information about   your polling arena before stepping out.
👌🏾Don’t show open support for any political party by the way of dressing, adornment or utterances.
👌🏾Avoid every iota of political discuss at all cost.
👌🏾After casting your vote, return home immediately, rather than hanging around the polling arena for too long.
👌🏾Try to hook-up with the different media outlets to keep abreast of happenings, at least within your immediate environment/localities.
👌🏾Avoid moving about with huge cash, bank cards of other valuables.
👌🏾When you drive, endeavour to wind-up your glass and activate your central lock system.
👌🏾Be wary of undefined crowd or any spontaneous gathering.
👌🏾Cut down or reschedule family outings or events till after the election period.
👌🏾Ensure the house is adequately stocked with supplies for every family member.
👌🏾Ensure the cars are optimally fuelled.
👌🏾Ensure every alternate means of power supply are optimally readied.
👌🏾Get required medications / drugs, doctors’ contact details handy.
👌🏾Minimise political activism on the social medial media to the barest minimum.

👉🏾 Nevertheless, Remember.. *.." Safety is of the Lord.."* (Prov.21:31)...🙏🏾Play your part!
Forwarded from Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security Nationwide
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Forwarded from Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security Nationwide
for more details about the program click here 👉🏿
NNPC is recruiting....

The portal opened this morning and will be open for only 2 weeks from today March 13th 2019.

Use the link below:

Please pass on to your associates.