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Hi! We just published short information about DAO and the events roadmap:
Project information will be updated every day. Follow the news!

Ultra-Contemporary Art Prize
December 2022, online voting & offline exhibition of the winners, Dubai

Web 3.0 Forum
Monthly, online
December 2022, offline (Dubai)

Digital Universe Night Out
December, 31 2022

Generative Art Fair
March 2023, online & offline
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Art Collecting DAO NFT

We look to the future and focus on NFT collections created to attract investment in Web 3.0. projects. Join the community that will unite the visionaries. Participate in events. Get access to fundraising tools. All NFTs from our collections are the tokenized club cards that give privileges to their holders.

Art Collecting DAO privileges:

1. Free access to the community

2. Free access to online events

3. Discounts for participation in conferences

4. Party Discounts

5. Discounts on partner products (cars, jewelry, software)
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ArtCollecting.Space in Metaverse! Stay tuned! New digital places with NFTs will be available tomorrow!
Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins launches his first NFT series The Eternal Collection in partnership with Orange Comet. NFTs are inspired by iconic characters from Hopkins films. The collection will also include drawings of the actor. Yes, Hopkins is an artist. Stay tuned to get NFT news!
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Visit our metaverse spaces in Spatial! Enjoy NFTs listed in ArtCollecting.Space NFT dApp. Here is a link:
TOP WEB3 NEWS 29.11.2022

Art Basel Miami Beach, Porsche, Lacoste, BlockFi, Huobi, FTX, Kraken, Daniel Arsham.

1. BlockFi is suing Sam Bankman-Freed's company. Following a bankruptcy filing, the landing platform sued Emergent Fidelity Technologies for the return of collateral in the form of Robinhood shares.
2. Huobi has announced plans to issue the world's first national token. The coin, approved by the government of the island nation of the Commonwealth of Dominica, will be issued on the Tron blockchain.
3. FTX has resumed paying salaries to employees. The bankruptcy group will also make payments to certain suppliers whose services are necessary to keep the business going.
4. Kraken agreed to pay $362,000 to the regulator for sanctions violations. As part of the OFAC settlement of the rule violations, the platform is also investing an additional $100,000 in staff training and new measures to enforce restrictions.
5. Investment company Fidelity has launched a cryptocurrency trading service. Retail clients of the company, having opened an account, will be able to trade bitcoin and Ethereum without commissions.
6. Crypto lender BlockFi has filed a lawsuit due to the threat of bankruptcy. Lending platform BlockFi and 8 related companies have initiated Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection proceedings against creditors. The announcement follows the collapse of FTX, which also filed for bankruptcy.
7. Metaverse real estate designed by Daniel Arsham will be brought to life by The Row, in the city’s Design District during Art Basel Miami Beach. Named Ares House, the space is described as a “real-life metaverse experience that stitches together the physical and digital worlds”, with an aesthetic inspired by an ancient, otherworldly civilization.
8. Lacoste opens virtual reality store in partnership with Emperia. On entering the store, customers can move around a space inspired by the brand’s signature details, in an interior that is reminiscent of a crocodile’s mouth.
9. During Art Basel in Miami, Porsche is launching a brand experience in the digital world and unveiling its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Porsche’s new project in the field of digital art is realized by the Hamburg-based designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel In his studio ALT/SHIFT, the former architect is creating an impressive visual language for various applications. For Porsche, he designs digital portraits that center around a white Porsche 911.

Image: Porsche

*** The Gateway. A Web3 Metropolis ***
Featuring leading artists, community partners, speakers and performers, The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis will form an unprecedented nucleus for creative empowerment as we embark upon an inspiring new chapter together. Beeple is in the list of the artists.

*** Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Pulse Topology ***
Pulse Topology is an immersive biometric artwork consisting of 3,000 suspended light bulbs, each of which glimmers to the heartbeat of a different participant. As visitors traverse a series of crests and valleys of pulsing lights at Superblue, sensors detect and record new heartbeats, which replace the oldest ones, creating a memento mori. This additional exhibit with BMW’s all-electric flagship vehicle will be available for visitors to experience at Superblue Miami from November 28 – December 4, 2022 during Art Basel in Miami Beach.
*** The Story of NFTs ***
To coincide with the launch of their book, The Story of NFTs, Professor Amy Whitaker and Nora Burnett Abrams, Director of MCA Denver, explain what NFTs mean to the art world. This session will cover how to benefit from or engage with NFTs, how they will impact the art sector in the future, and why to collect them.

*** ARTECHOUSE x Pantone Color of the Year 2023 ***
PANTONE®️, the global color authority and leader in trend forecast, along with ARTECHOUSE Studio, the leader in innovative, technology-driven experimental art, invite you to experience the Pantone Color of the Year 2023. For the very first time, an exhibit inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 will be open to the public. The immersive exhibition takes visitors on a journey of colors, textures and more, focusing on the intersection of art, technology and science to showcase the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 in all of its forms.

Image: ARTECHOUSE x Pantone Color of the Year 2023 Immersive Exhibition
TOP WEB3 NEWS 30.11.2022

Animoca Brands, Binance, Sakura Exchange BitCoin, Changpeng Zhao, M+ Museum Hong Kong, Beeple, Serhii Makhno, Huobi, Poloniex, The Morgan Stanley, FTX, Maersk, IBM, TradeLens.

1. Animoca Brands has begun raising $2 billion to invest in the Metaverse. The Hong Kong company intends to create an Animoca Capital fund, which will focus not on supporting new start-ups, but on projects in the middle and late stages of development.

2. Binance has announced the acquisition of the Japanese crypto exchange Sakura Exchange BitCoin. With this acquisition, Changpeng Zhao's company enters the Japanese market with a license from the local regulator.

3. M+ Museum Hong Kong presents HUMAN ONE, the latest kinetic video sculpture by artist Beeple, also known as Mike Winkelmann. Designed as a continuous digital display that will periodically evolve over time, the artwork introduces the first human born in the Metaverse, a 3D virtual world accessible only through the Internet. The piece depicts a human figure in an astronaut suit endlessly wandering the ever-changing virtual landscape.
4. Ukrainian architect and interior designer Serhii Makhno from MAKHNO Studio rolled out ‘META DIDO’, his first NFT collection of ceramic art.

5. Huobi has announced a strategic partnership with Poloniex. The two crypto exchanges will collaborate on various aspects of the business, including sharing liquidity.

6. The Morgan Stanley report showed the expectation of new bankruptcies in the crypto industry. Despite the premonitions of a long crypto winter and the consequences of the FTX collapse, financiers believe that in the future, cryptography and blockchain will be increasingly used to trade financial assets.

7. Maersk and IBM will terminate their TradeLens blockchain project. The logistics giant will close the platform due to the fact that it has not reached the level of commercial viability in the 4 years since its inception.

Image: Beeple, Human One. Photo courtesy of Christie's New York.
TOP WEB3 NEWS 01.12.2022

Sotheby's, Pudgy Penguins, Porsche, Ton Foundation, FTX, Kraken, Fleek, Polychain Capital, Telegram, Pavel Durov, Ledger.

1. 10 rare tokens from the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection were sold at Sotheby's auction for about $129 thousand, the price of one token ranged from $5040 to $30240. The average price of an NFT thus amounted to $12.9 thousand, while the minimum price of a “penguin” from this series is $1.3 thousand.

2. Porsche unveiled plans to release a 7,500-piece NFT collection based on the classic Porsche 911 in January 2023, with Hamburg designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel set to create each piece in the collection.

3. Ton Foundation and partners will allocate $126 million to help crypto projects. Blockchain developers intend to encourage companies affected by the collapse of FTX to move to the TON platform.
4. Crypto exchange Kraken will lay off 30% of its employees. The company cited a significant decrease in trading volumes and a decrease in the number of new customers due to the influence of macroeconomic and geopolitical factors as the reason for the staff reduction.

5. Web 3 Content Delivery Network Fleek Raises $25M. Crypto-focused venture capital firm Polychain Capital led the round.

6. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov Plans to Build Crypto Wallets, Decentralized Exchange. The messaging app is pushing ahead with its buildout of crypto infrastructure.

7. Well-known throughout the blockchain as a provider of secure hardware wallets, Ledger unveiled new initiatives. These include a corporate NFT art collection and an NFT art endowment fund. Through these projects, the company says it hopes to better support creators and become a more robust steward of burgeoning blockchain technology.

Ethereum.Org: Learn Hub

Free educational guide to the world of Ethereum. Learn how Ethereum works and how to connect to it. This page includes technical and non-technical articles, guides, and resources.

Learn Solidity, blockchain, and smart contracts in a free 16-hour course. What is a blockchain? Making your first transaction. How do blockchains work? Consensus. Miscellaneous. Solidity Documentation. Remix. Basic Solidity. Deploying to a "Live" network. Inheritance, factory pattern, and interacting with external contracts. Chainlink oracles. Importing from NPM and advanced Solidity. Installing VSCode, Python, and Web3. First Python script with Deploying a Contract. Interacting with contract in Python & Brownie Introduction. Installing Brownie. Brownie simple storage project. Testing basics. Dependencies, deploying, and networks. Funding and withdrawing Python scripts. Testing across networks. Git. Lottery.sol. ERC20s, EIPs, token standards. Defi & Aave. Defi intro. Aave UI. Programmatic interactions with Aave. Simple NFT. SimpleCollectible Testing. Advanced NFT. Advanced deploy_and_create. Creating Metadata & IPFS. Introduction to upgrading smart contracts. Upgrades-mix and code. Testing upgrades. Upgrades on a testnet. Defi stake Yield Brownie scripts & tests. Testing our defi stake Yield Brownie Dapp. Front End / Full Stack.
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If you are just starting with your WEB 3.0 Journey, this is a Perfect course for you to understand how exactly WEB3 works. After the end of this course will have complete knowledge of Solidity language and also you will learn how to create and deploy Dapps on Ethereum Virtual machine.

Aggregator of free courses on blockchain development.
TOP WEB3 NEWS 02.12.2022

FTX, Zipmex, Coinbase Wallet, AppStore, Binance, HOOK, Hooked Protocol, Nike, RTFKT Studio, Florida’s Dalí Museum, DALL-E, TeamLab, Mike Novogratz, Galaxy Digital, Celsius Network, The Graph, Polygon.

1. The Japanese division of FTX has announced plans to resume withdrawals. Assets of clients from Japan will not be relevant to the bankruptcy proceedings of the group of companies taking place in the United States.

2. The bankrupt crypto exchange Zipmex has found a buyer for its assets. The platform plans to use the money received to return funds to customers whose accounts have been frozen.

3. AppStore blocked Coinbase Wallet update due to NFT transactions. The iOS app store insists that it must receive a 30% commission on the gas that users pay for transactions with digital tokens.

4. Binance has suspended withdrawals due to the Ankr and Hay protocol hacks. The attackers managed to steal more than $15 million worth of cryptocurrencies, but Binance froze some of them.

5. The rate of the HOOK coin soared by 4900% after the opening of trading on Binance. The crypto exchange has listed the management token of the Hooked Protocol project, which creates game-based learning products for the mass adoption of Web3.
6. Nike and RTFKT Studio have presented the first collection of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The digital objects are inspired by the Nike Dunk silhouette.

7. Florida’s Dalí Museum opens an exhibition, where the visitors can watch images from their dreams stripped of their individual significance and fused together into a single AI hivemind fantasy. The project was created with DALL-E, the A.I. art app.

8. TeamLab transforms historic castle in Fukuyama into an interactive art space. The upcoming project is part of teamLab’s Digitized City art series, in which the digital art collective explores how non-material tech can turn a city and its buildings into art without physically altering it.

9. Mike Novogratz's cryptocurrency-focused financial-services firm Galaxy Digital has won an auction to buy self-custody platform GK8 from bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network, Galaxy said in a press release.

10. Indexing service The Graph will soon add support for the Polygon blockchain. Polygon-based applications can soon run on fully decentralized application programming interface (API) run on The Graph, away from the current hosting service.