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Forwarded from TikTok Developers · Chat (Admin)
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Personal security measures for developers who make automation services

Given the messages that I receive from time to time from some users, I would like to make 5 important recommendations. If you are running an Instagram-related business, the following measures must be followed strictly.

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Rule 1
Do not use the following keywords in project names that may be related to Facebook projects. This will help you avoid attention from the company's lawyers. Blacklisted keywords: insta, gram, facebook, meta, ig, followers, likes and etc.

Rule 2
One of the developers informed me that all of his personal Facebook and Instagram accounts were blocked by Facebook lawyers. He made a very big mistake when he promoted, wrote or mentioned his service in direct messages using his personal accounts. The solution is simple, register separate accounts for this activity in social networks. Moreover, you need to register them from a completely new device ( an anti-detect browser is suitable), and a new proxy/VPN, not used by you before (it's easy to create a clean VPN using DigitalOean and Outline Manager, it's cheap and cost only $6/month). A new device and a new IP will allow you to bypass Facebook tracking measures and protect your personal accounts.

Rule 3
Do not use your real email or phone number, always use credentials specially created only for your automation project.

Rule 4
Be anonymous person when promoting your Instagram/Facebook services as platform. If you are working with clients personally as manager, you can skip that, but if you are offering a SaaS service, please be anonymous. Use different Facebook/Instagram accounts, different names, emails, phones.

Rule 5
Facebook identify users using IP, device and cookies (aka. fingerprint) and personal data (email/phones). If you will anonymize that, this will l help you avoid most of the issues.

More insiders info on @nextposttech channel. Follow to be informed and stay up to date with latest news of automation industry.
Do you have similar cases? What do you think about that?
Forwarded from Sergey Komlev
For example, I made a test recently. I created a new account in all social networks over the proxy connection. All accounts were created successfully except Instagram. They blocked my new account after signing up immediately. Now I’m waiting for 24h review and I think after a while Instagram system will auto-block him. Brand new account. I created him manually on phone. And this issue happens quite often as I can see from user reports on the web. And this is not user-friendly. That's strange, but the Facebook account was created without any issue, but Instagram was not.
About filtration by min/max followers, profile bio, extract emails and other things related to user info endpoints

A little background for those who may not know what happened and why I removed the filtering.

Earlier during the election period, and now apparently forever, Facebook and Instagram severely restricted these endpoints, and now with frequent requests to the endpoint with user information, you can lose your account. Your account can be easily blocked.

Because of that data scrapping price in Instagram increased a lot and will not work from the box as API. Additional API for that is required.

I think price to get info about 50k Instagram users will be around $50. So that mean 1k requests with user info will cost $1.

In Reactions Pro module at the moment we will need to analyze up to 5k users with stories per day. This means that with active task, it will take about 150k requests for one account in a month. As result +$150 per account per month.

For sure I can add filtration for follow/like actions and we will need less user info data for these actions. For one account with follow/like I think we will need 15k requests. That’s mean price per one profile will be $15 per every account.

This is expensive and that’s why I’m still not implemented filtration yet.

If you interested in that filtration services, please let me know. Maybe I will implement that.
Forwarded from Reactions Pro (Sergey Komlev)
I apologize for the delay in the Reactions Pro update. Still working on that. Planning to release a new version in next few days. Maybe earlier.
I checked the current login flow of Instagram Private API. And it seems all is working fine on the API level. If you have issues, please report them to me via DM @sergeykomlev or via chat on I will research your case and find the fix.
Support for Disasters in Turkey 🇹🇷

Turkey has recently been struck by a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8.

The impact has been widespread and many communities have been severely affected. In this difficult time, we are reaching out to ask for your support.

Any donation, no matter how small, will help us provide much-needed aid to those affected by the earthquake. Your generosity will help provide shelter, food, and medical supplies to those in need.

If you would like to make a donation, at the buttom we shared IBAN information for contribution. Your contribution will make a real difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster.

Thank you for your kindness and support 💚
If you see the message «Your license key is not valid for this product. If you are thinking this is a mistake, please immediately contact support.", just ignore that and restart your Reactions Pro tasks. We are investigating this issue.
Modification Fast login to Nextpost via Google and Facebook + account allocation option updated to version 2.0

- UPDATE: The Google Sign-In JavaScript platform library for Web is set to be deprecated after March 31, 2023. New code in steps 4 and 8 for migration to the new Google Identity Services for Web solution to quickly and easily sign users into your app using their Google accounts.
Safe structure of SaaS for social automation.pdf
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Safe structure of SaaS for social automation
To prevent situations like that you need to use an upper structure.
Do you need a module for Nextpost & plugin for Wordpress to link license systems with subscriptions?
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Forwarded from (Sergey Komlev)
DigitalOcean – The developer cloud

Deploy faster & scale easier with an application server VPS/VDS (droplet) that saves your team time & money. From $6/mo for droplet with 1GB of CPU, 25 GB of SSD Disk and 1TB of transfer.
Forwarded from Reactions Pro (Sergey Komlev)
The new update for the Reactions Pro module was delayed by a week. Recently I accidentally deleted all the new changes and it's sad, it's impossible to get it back. I need time to re-add everything again. This is the reason why I'm still not announcing the new module version.
Product Latest Instagram API files for PHP (2022) + Update Instruction updated to version 7.0.10

- Important updates.
- Version sync.

Repository | Changelog | Buy Now

This product is distributed throw a private GitHub repository, you need to buy a license key and join the repository.
This year will be a year of global changes!

First of all, I’m still working hard on my new SaaS system where you will be able to manage some of your client's accounts. I have private features which will not be shared and will be exclusive.

In parallel with working on updates for current modules, I’m testing the custom integrations of my SaaS system. Chatbots, GPT models, and other things.

This is a fast test of Reactions Pro integration with a Chatbot add-on for my SaaS. Do you interested in that for your own SaaS?

I think I can release it with pricing plans based on the active account count per day.
🟢 Temporary maintenance for server successfully completed. Server are online now. Sorry for any inconvenience.