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Shutterstock service working back
We detected that some files are not auto-saving to Google Drive. Problem solved now, sorry for your inconvenience!
There is an issue with the system last night. Sorry for your inconvenience! The problem fixed now
Adobe price changed
AdobeStock service maintaining because their server is not healthy. Pls try again later
Adobe service back to normal
There is an issue with Shutterstock service. Please use another source at this time. I am fixing!
Shutterstock service working back
we are updating system, sorry for the inconvenience. It'll take 1-2 hours
Done, system working back
Adobestock price changed to 0.8
Adobestock price changed to 0.
Adobestock price changed to 0.5 Point
Vectorstock price changed to 1.2 Point
Vectorstock working back. Price up to 1.3 Point
Shutter is updating their website, your download maybe cannot process right now
Shutter working back
Adobe price down to 0.45
The website is under attack, I'm trying to resolve it. Sorry for your inconvenience!