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"Have a look at my latest contributions for @NEMofficial on my @github account!
Check our #NEM Improvement Proposal 👇"
NEM and Elíptica introduce the concept of Decentralized Integrity in Blockchain.

More information you can read here.
As an internationally operating organization, #NEM Foundation has made it a priority to give its Service Providers Program a global and sustainable footing.

If you're a #blockchain developer and would like to work with one of the top leading blockchain solutions providers, the NEM Foundation would love to have you on board – building on #Catapult 🚀

Interested? Sign up now 👉

Catapult Mobile Wallet (open project) 👉

How to register? 👉

Slide deck 👉

About the announcement 👉
Come and learn about #Catapult with #NEM Foundation Council Member Pedro Gutierrez at ‘La Conexion 2019’ in Medellin, #Colombia on May 21 & 22 🇨🇴
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Catapult-server: Dragon 1

"There's nice architectural change coming in upcoming dragon: on api nodes we'll have additional broker process, that will be responsible for forwarding *things* to zmq and mongo.
Implication is that in future rest db could be changed without altering the server."

"More cool things in dragon:
* beneficiary split - right now this is *per network* settings, if you're remote harvesting on someone else's node, node owner will get share of the fees."

"* it will be possible to only create multisig accounts via aggregate transactions, if you want to make somebody cosignatory, he'll need to cosign creation/modification of multisig transaction as well (read: opt-in)"

* some other minor changes, see:
What is NEMgraph?

Photography and Blockchain roll into one.

/ Make your favorite photos the way you like, whenever you want.

Interested? Check this : 👉 NEMgraph
Come learn about Catapult with Council Member Pedro Gutierrez at the CriptoLatinfest in Bogota, Columbia May 18 & 19th. @Criptolatinfest @NemEspanol
NEM Service Providers Bonfire Portal Update

From April 10th to April 20th, we received:
69 SP registrations with various backgrounds
27 companies considered the project for submission
12 companies have submitted proposals for the #Catapult Mobile Wallet project

The evaluation team will review the proposals for ten (10) days and then award the contract for the successful Catapult Mobile Wallet Developer SP by April 30th. After that date, a full project progress report will be published.

📌 Useful links
• Bonfire Portal:

• Registration Tutorial:

• SP Slide Deck:
You can catch Jasmine Ng CEO NEM Malaysia & Business Dev Director of South East Asia at the conference “Blockchain Life 2019“ at Singapore, Marina Bay from April 23-24, 2019.
@LuxTag_Official and @Chronoswiss joined together to create an original watch and certify its authenticity with the Blockchain of NEMofficial.
We are glad to announce that #NEM $XEM will be available in Magnum Wallet soon 👏

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates! 🚀
#NEM $XEM is now available on #Magnum Wallet! You can now easily create, import, and restore your NEM wallet into their platform 🚀


Magnum Wallet @magnumwalletco is a client-side interface that makes it easy for you to create, save, and access your information and interact with the #blockchain.
Rhovit @rhovitplatform, a NEM-based token, is now open! Watch film trailers, gameplay, creators and more and get rewarded!

You can now sign up for the public version of #RHOVIT at

To learn how the platform works, check out this article 👉
Dave Hodgson, co-founder of NEM Ventures, was invited to the special podcast "Finance Magnates".

Dave Hodgson and Rachel McIntosh discussed about the ethics of venture investment and the future of NEM Ventures.

Article : "NEM Ventures Exec: Traditional VCs Can Sabotage Crypto Projects"

Podcast : NEM Ventures' Dave Hodgson
$XEM is being scoped as part of next 4 coins @bravenewcoin is considering building an index for with #NASDAQ.

Please do contribute to the poll as well as one way of helping on board institutional investment 👇