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Hamburguesas Gratis y Apoyo a tu Desarrollo Blockchain: Es posible con NEM
Tan simple como instalar la Wallet de LoyalCoin es llevarte gratis una Hamburguesa en McDonald´s Filipinas, todo gracias a la Blockchain de NEM. Si estás ...
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Miguel CaballeroCEO Tutellus


Apostille service for (ie) Diplomas with #NEMofficial is soooo easy… Generating first titles of Master Blockchain & IBP with the nanowallet; with SHA3-512 hash function and everything in the mainnet, like

Transaction Detail :
Happy #Nemesis Day! Four years ago today, the core devs @Jaguar0625 @gimre @bloodyrookie created the Nemesis Block and the #NEM Blockchain came into existence. Happy 4th! 🚀
EP:44 NEM Foundation Catapult Roadmap and Vision

'In conjunction with NEM's birthday on 29 March, NEM Foundation just released the Catapult Roadmap and Vision.'



High-Level NF Catapult Roadmap (Living Document) :
In conjunction with NEM's birthday on March 29th, NEM Foundation just released the Catapult Roadmap and Vision! 🚀 The roadmap represents the #NEM Foundation’s best information based on our plans to support NEM with the #Catapult core.

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Following the launch of the #Catapult Roadmap, below are the updates from the #NEM Foundation for April 2019.

🔸NEM Wallet v2.4.4 upgrades voting center
🔸NEM Community Fund ceases distribution of funds
🔸Nelson Valero steps down as Vice President
🔸Grégory Saive as the Head Foundation Developer
🔸Engagement and highlights across March 2019
🔸NEM Contractors software portal
🔸Consolidation of Telegram groups

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“ RapidZ our partners Payment system is launching soon in one of the major convenience stores and other selected shops and restaurants in Taiwan! #NEM $XEM will be accepted 🙌🏻 #RapidzPay

Jasmine Ng of #NEM Foundation with Dilendorf Khurdayan of Infinity Blockchain Ventures during the IBV Industry Briefing - Securities Token Workshop on April 1st. The event covered various angles of #STO and insights on the recent Malaysian 🇲🇾 #ICO policy.
On April 9, NEM council member Pedro Gutiérrez will speak at the #AMA session organized by #BinanceES.

More information you can read here.
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“ Helping Businesses, Organizations and Governments to Notarize on Blockchain. Cc @NEMofficial
Come and hear #NEM Council Member Anton Bosenko as he represents NEM Foundation in #OKExTalks at #Dnipro on April 12. More details here:

Network with #blockchain experts while enjoying free food and drinks. RSVP👉
NEM Service Providers Official Launch

NEM Foundation will be onboarding #NEM Service Providers via #Bonfire Portal as we ramp up inviting approved partners to contribute to the development of #Catapult 🚀

With the software portal, we will see more transparency, efficiency, and integrity in the vendor management process towards the selection of third-party contributors.

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"Have a look at my latest contributions for @NEMofficial on my @github account!
Check our #NEM Improvement Proposal 👇"
NEM and Elíptica introduce the concept of Decentralized Integrity in Blockchain.

More information you can read here.