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>> Since your birth certificate is marked with a legal name, it is a certificate that represents the birth of a dead thing and is a death certificate.

>> When you go to court, and succumb to tickets, taxes and fees, you represent your Strawman

>> Your Social Security number has been leveraged on the bond market & Each person’s life is worth X-amount of dollars (potentially billions)
>> The President of the United States is a CEO for the corporation
>> we are federal employees of the State — collateral and serfs to pay off debt to foreign investors
>> FOR NOW, or until you reclaim your Sovereignty or things change, you are Property of the United States Corporation
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Etymology of “Hollow” = to cover, conceal & “to take it completely”

>> Halloween / Hollywood / Hollow beings = soulless
>> The lungs — the area the virus affects — are parallel with the heart center

>> This virus marks a transition from the lower three chakras through the 4th chakra (heart) to the 5th and higher chakras

>> I’d bet we’ve all actually contracted the virus at some point as a part of the purge. The reason why some cannot transition is due to accumulation of miasmas in the lungs (this is where it’s all stored). When you get the virus and heal, it clears the miasma.

>> The next phase to come is “The Initiation by Water” — which could be signified by hurricanes and floods

>> Mass social movement toward healthier drinking water
Edit: via Sammy: “Some knowledge. The Kardashians are a family of witches. I know them as the family of witches who started the Salem Witch trials to get rid of the good witches. Their ancestor was a judge in the trials. This Travis Scott ritual was for their mother's birthday. It was for harvesting energy for their broadCASTING. Casting spells.”
The world is converging on a new global standard—ISO 20022, the de facto global data standard for modern payments. ISO 20022 is a standards framework that enables a common global "language" for messaging in payments, cash management reporting, securities, cards, foreign exchange and trade services. By mid 2022 all the major banks are going live with ISO 20022. So, we can expect a coming storm in the following year for ISO 20022-compliant crypto coins. They include XRP, XLM, EWT, ALGO, IOTA, XDC, and more.
In following from my Instagram post earlier today, a short word to the wise: there is a chance — a decently good chance — this ‘crypto craze’ is just another ploy being enacted by the Dark Forces to DISTRACT and ENTRAP ascending beings. The allure of scarcity and money-making is an incredibly tempting bait. Many awakening or ascending beings are becoming entranced in the spectacle that is crypto. It is an enticing distraction, much like video games, conspiratorial rabbit holes, and Qanon narratives that hijack the consciousness — and pursuit of enlightened loving and purposeful living — of soooo many intuitive creators. I view crypto as a real opportunity, a moment in time where we can get in and get out, but one which we don’t want to get stuck in. We honestly have no idea who controls what in the digital realm where nothingggg is actually “real.”! Wake up! It’s not REALLLLL. You make it real when you buy and when you sell. When you liquidate and profit. So do it if you please! It prolly is Illuminati run, shiiiiit… but if you dangle digital gold in front of me and tell me I can take it an cash in before it’s too late, imma snatch it and alchemize it into love with all I got.
“It’s not as if the federal government, and even some states, are being subtle about trying to get everyone to take these “vaccines.” They are shoving it on us, and using every well-honed tactic of fear, guilt, shame, and attempts to withhold freedoms that they can come up with… This propaganda is happening from the White House podium and our taxpayer dollars are funding the largest, coercion-based, “vaccine” promoting media blitz in history.” -

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#SurveillanceCapitalism #GlobalTechnocracy #VaccinePassports