Attention. Beware of Tradesatoshi exchange, they block accounts without adequate reason and withhold user deposits.
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Did you know that most of the replies to the 42-Coin BitcoinTalk thread are Legendary Members? Check out our thread analysis @42newchain #42 #42community #cryptotwitter #blockchain #cryptocurrency— CoinCode / CoinThread (@coincode_sh) February 8, 2020
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From one of our supporter, '42-coin. It's a small world!'. The idea of this slogan:
The coin can be seen as very rare digital gold for 'small world' of millionaires, financial institutions, it is commonly used in this sense, for longterm holdings, as a rare alternative to Bitcoin,
and for small investors too, but only small number of them can see the potential now, so dual meaning of 'small world'.
Slogan Competition! Stage 1 - Propose.

Come up with a slogan for 42-coin and post it on our discord and/or on thread together with your wallet address. Depending on the reaction of users, we will choose the best ones.
The final vote will take place in August in our telegram and forum. The winner will get 0.0042 42 + possible donations.
Attention. 42-coin (42) is not related to the 42-GOLD COIN (42GC). Be careful!
Less than 4 hours left! We need your support on voting here:
Thank You.
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You can now request an account migration from V1 to V2, due to the amount of requests this can take some time to process / complete and you will be notified once complete.

V1 Altmarkets will still operate as normal, planned full switchover to complete mid-jan 2021.
Attention, this is a scam site: Do not buy coins through it.
To stay on, we need to get on one of the tracked exchanges. After analyzing the available options, was found that would be the best option now. If you can, please support financially: bc1q7t2jtyzn5fdw9sqrcf7jnzvv424vde5dkv3q3t (BTC), 4QU34e9D8GWqyFyRQ1EY7cqfdrPL6rzGoQ (42). Thank you.
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2nd NOTICE: My name is Charles Naughton from Altilly Exchange. If you have submitted the form for refund please send me a DM. I am currently working on the 42coin wallet refunds. Thank you