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On Earth, Body and Medicine : eco-philosophy, eco-Mythology, Earth spirituality, herbalism, eco-somatic bodywork, art and therapy.
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Welcome all of you 🦉💜
I had to wait for the day after the full moon to be able to begin this new adventure.
I am so grateful you are taking the time to be here, may we create this space together.
After this weekend, where many of you have traveled with me through some of the complex threads that weave the wild stories of Ellen of the Ways, I have fallen sick with a strong cold.
It is a good Owen.
When something deeply transformational occurs the body purges and readjusts to whom we are becoming. The beauty of becoming is that it is a continuum, yet it has the power to both liberate and reposition us.
I would like to share with you a poem that I wrote a while back about the hands in Vasalisa and Baba Yaga's story.
Our hands are the ones lifting us when all seems but shattered. Led by the invisible strength of Spirit.
Let me know what you feel upon reading. 🌿

"FALL SEASON (AND A PAIR OF HANDS) - Earth Body Medicine"
Hello to all of you 🌿
It's Mare Moon in Iberia, I share with you a poem- enchantment for the wild Earth forces of this time of year.

Brugmansia of Venus

Lady of Almurtão
The cunt's a web, a life web
Loiminna, Luminous
Now a Woman, once a Girl
Embracing the waters of transformation
In her body's trance
In the bloomful Myrtle
In the phallus, erect and resurrected
Green man's green Life
Emerging from the pure Earth
With all greenery 
Seed semen spread 
The continuing
Sap offerings from body to sacred ground A fire that returns unfading
Idunna of Spring 
Green Maia that warms us
Full bloom May lifts us in lust 
Lower tension, higher passion 
Given to the forces of fire, earth, water
To honour the flame of creation 
The spark of life
Sweet petals
Myrtle, Almurtão [Myrtle field] 
I drink your perfume,
your ancestral potion
Heart, vision, vulva opened 
Volva flying North to South 
Infinite Portal 
Of transmutation
(... Continues below)
For Earth, there’s only 
the loyalty of presence as a gift 
Of Love in the face of loss 
Sowing hope 
Maeve of May’s eve
Soft petals from keen lips
Stripping the veil by the fires
If naked we’re born
Naked we’re whole. 
Face of doe, face of deer
We’re animals,
among equals
In the infinite world. 
Only they who are equal are respectful
Only in reverence are we blessed. 
Ochre, amber, musk. 
It’s time, now. 
May the wild ride of life
Complete the wild ride of the outset
In a never ending cycle 
That only in earth body Love 
Can be weaved
So the Spirit manifests 
Singing, guiding, praying. 
They are pagan who offer their hearts to the holy ground. 
The wheel on the Watermill has turned, 
Lady has gone up the mountain 
Her golden breasts 
Pollen and sun. 
Lark and nightingale sing. 
There are days with rain, 
There are days with Sunshine, 
To wash and dry my sheet. 
On days of struggle
On nights of passion 
To keep the flame 
Of devotion’s source. 
It is a labour
It is a calling
And howled moans 
In the silence of the wind. 
Come May
In your wholeness
Bring the thunderstorm 
Come Lady Barbara 
With cup and sword. 
Guarding the mystery
the exultation
of the blessed night
Before the stars 
Sacred Passion 
Pouring over the earth. 
Light the flame
Of the inner altar. 
No other fire
But that of Love. 
Beltane, May
Is devotion 
Supreme priesthood 
To unbridled truth.

Author: Iris Lican Garcia
Translation : Joana Nobre
Art: Carolina Pinho, Mandragora
🍁 How do you feel about it?
Mare moon lunar eclipse.
Time to reset.
Today is the greatest super moon of the year. Kissing the earth closely and surrendering it's luminous intensity to the embrace of the universal night.
That is the eclipse essence: to surrender, to be humble, to listen closely to what speaks beyond words.
May we therefore offer our pouring wide open hearts to whatever the wisdom of the web of life wishes to take away from within.
Remembering that the light blinds as much as darkness, that the darkness reveals as much as the light. Some shapes can only be seen at night time.
Today is the perfect moment to rest, love what is as it is, thank for the opportunity to be alive, honestly cry for our sorrows, losses and fights,
Hoje é o momento perfeito para repousar, amar actively sow hope, which is the capacity to wait holding conscious faith that we are held by kind guiding wisdom, beyond our understanding.
May we kiss the fertile darkness within the heart of the soil and the night embracing it and us all. May we allow light and darkness to dance within our souls just like the moon does.
The eclipse holds the reminder that the Wil Horse needs time. To foster intuition through listening in presence.
🌚How do you feel this time?
Picture in the Moon Temple, a megalithic funerary monument facing the most western point of Europe, by the raw Atlantic Ocean.
May we gather and celebrate here, together, someday.
Tomorrow at 12pm I Will be offering a talk at the free Online Equinox Symposium, hosted by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.
Do come 💜
The 13 Moons course is about to start.
A.'s testemonial:
I have loved doing the course, it has been both deep and broad. The materials and activities are beautiful, and have taken me to some really interesting and profound places. It has been fabulous to learn about the Iberian culture and practices, and although some of the plants and tress are either not available in uk or and flower or appear in the ground a couple of months later than in Portugal, I have been planting and drying many of them so that I have them at the right time for their place in the cycle next year.
The ceremonies and rituals we have practiced have given me many deep experiences and insights. I have been practicing Earth magic and Wicca for two decades so there are not many courses that would bring me do much that is new, but this one has! I will keep coming back to the practices snd information year after year, and am inspired to work with some of the indigenous animals in the uk that are active at different pointers in the cycle.