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Bug Bounty reconnaissance with 🔍

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CVE-2024-3400: command injection in Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS, 10.0 rating 🔥🔥🔥

A 0-day vulnerability in PAN-OS that allows an unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on the firewall with root rights. According to Palo Alto Networks, attacks have already been carried out that exploit this vulnerability!

Search at
👉 Link:
👉 Dork:"palo_alto"

Vendor's advisory:
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CVE-2024-21006: Vulnerability in Oracle WebLogic Server, 7.5 rating

Vulnerability from the report on the new Oracle patch. Allows an unauthenticated attacker to gain unauthorized access to critical activities. According to NVD, exploitation is quite simple.

Search at
👉 Link:
👉 Dork: port:7001 AND protocol:t3

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Business-focused OSINT with 🔎

Our new article is devoted to researching company resources using Netlas tools.
It shows how to collect contacts, files, explore subnets and much more. Read it quickly!

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Good news 🔥

Yesterday we fixed three bugs in subscription system that were discovered during the penetration testing.

Now Netlas has become even safer!

👉🏻 Changelog:
New vulnerability in CrushFTP, "serious" rating 🔥

The vulnerability, which does not yet have a CVE, was discovered in CrushFTP. According to the vendor's report, its use could allow an attacker to leave the VFS and download system files. Moreover, the vulnerability has already been used in real attacks!

Search at
👉🏻 Link:
👉🏻 Dork: http.headers.server:"CrushFTP"

Vendor's advisory:
CVE-2024-20356: Command Injection in Cisco Integrated Management Controller, 8.7 rating 🔥

The vulnerability allows attacker to inject almost any code, as demonstrated by the example of the launch of Doom (oh yes, now on Cisco)!

Search at
👉🏻 Link:
👉🏻 Dork: http.title:"Cisco Integrated Management Controller"

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pfSense-SA-24_04: XSS in pfSense Plus and pfSense CE

A vulnerability was discovered in the jquery-treegrid library that could cause arbitrary JavaScript code to be executed in the user's browser.
According to the vendor's advisory, the library is used for testing only and can be safely disabled.

Search at
👉 Link:
👉 Dork: http.title:"pfSense - Login" OR http.title:"pfSense Plus"

Vendor's advisory:
🚀 Webinar by Our Partners: The Art and Science of C2: Veni, non vidi, non vici?

This May 7th, join our partners as they demonstrate detecting and analyzing C2 servers with Netlas. Expert insights and real-time demonstrations await!

👉 See it live on LinkedIn!
CVE-2024-26304, -26305, -33511, -33512 and other: Multiple vulnerabilities in ArubaOS, 5.3 - 9.8 rating 🔥🔥🔥

More recently disclosed vulnerabilities allow an unauthenticated attacker to perform RCE via a buffer overflow and cause a denial of service.

Search at
👉🏻 Link:
👉🏻 Dork: http.favicon.hash_sha256:dfa04944308ed6c96563ff88cdb767ed5177c76c8a386f7a5803b534e9bff753

Vendor's advisory:
CVE-2023-49606: RCE in Tinyproxy 1.10.0, 1.11.1, 9.8 rating 🔥

A use-after-free vulnerability in Tinyproxy allows an attacker to perform RCE via a specially crafted HTTP header.

Search at
👉 Link:
👉 Dork: http.headers.server:"tinyproxy/1.11.1" OR http.headers.server:"tinyproxy/1.10.0"

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CVE-2024-26026, -21793: Two injections in F5 Big IP, 7.5 rating❗️

SQL injection and OData injection allow an unauthenticated attacker to conduct a remote attack and gain access to sensitive information.

Search at
👉🏻 Link:
👉🏻 Dork: http.headers.server:"BigIP"
You can also use the "f5_bigip" tag to get more results.

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CVE-2024-29895, -25641, -31445, -31459: Multiple vulns in Cacti, 8.8 - 10.0 rating 🔥🔥🔥

Four new vulnerabilities in Cacti, including SQL injection, RCE, arbitrary file write. So, why are CVEs always so diverse for this product? 🧐

Search at
👉🏻 Link:
👉🏻 Dork: http.title:"Login to Cacti" OR http.headers.set_cookie:"Cacti"

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🚀 Netlas Python SDK v.0.5 is now available. We've made key updates for enhanced compatibility and improved downolading features.

🔧 To upgrade, run:

pip install --upgrade netlas

📈 Check out the full changelog for more details:
🔥 Netlas 0.24.0 update is here! 🔥

The update brought new information to Netlas' IP/Domain info tool - Reputation Score. Thanks to our collaboration with RST Cloud, information about the Indicators of Compromise of some hosts has become available to users right inside the web application!

Minor features:
🐛 Fixed one favicon search bug,
📑 Update for Datastore API endpoint,
🖥 Some improvements in UI,
and others.

👉🏻 Try it now:
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CVE-2024-4835, -2874 and other: Multiple vulns in GitLab, 4.3 - 8.0 rating❗️

New set of vulnerabilities for GitLab for every taste. Account takeover, CSRF, DoS, and more.

Search at
👉 Link:
👉 Dork: http.meta:"Gitlab"

Vendor's advisory:
Create a company technological profile in one click 🔥

In a new article on our Medium we will tell you how to complete your company research using
This time we will find the services used, information about providers and much more 🔍

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