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Neom Coin is a Cryptocurrency that created for and powered by Smart Cities of the Neo World.🌎

Smart Solutions for Smart Cities.🏙🌆🌃

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Graphene is good but graphene blockchain can be better! We just published an article about graphene blockchain on our official Medium account. Click the link down below to read it!

Blockchain is a deepless ocean and we are here to dive in! We explained blockchain ecosystem in 3 panels. Check our Medium account to read more about blockchain technology.

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In honor of NEOM Coin listing on KuCoin exchange, we are super excited to announce that we are launching a pre-listing campaign exclusive for KuCoin exchange. Join this campaign now and RECEIVE %25 BONUS FREE NEOM COIN INSTANTLY TO YOUR WALLET!

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Your digital wallet must be your safest treasure! Always have a backup plan for unexpected situations.

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What can be sold as an NFT?

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Ever wondered how many people invested in cryptocurrencies? The answer is: A lot!

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The blockchain market size grows each day and is expected to hit 67.4 billion in 2026.
Blockchain technology can revolutionize many areas of our life, education is one of them.

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Did you know that between 1970 and 2012, there have been 147 banking crisis globally?

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Blockchain technology provides many benefits in many sectors, business being a major one.

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Blockchain technology is predicted to revolutionize the supply chain industry.

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What are ICOs?
Do you own any cryptocurrency?
This is why cryptocurrency is more secure.
What is a centralized ledger?
Did you know what a hash is?