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Amplifier of truth. My mission is to reconnect with nature through rewilding strategies 👣 Works as a kambo practitioner 🐸 at @renativkambo ~ #wildfulness #serendipity #comewhatmay
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Hei Kushi 🐶 Fint å ha en audience mens jeg spiller gitar. Ingen kritikk, men heller ingen klapping 😄
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🌕 Full Moon at 27º Taurus ♉️︎ | Nov 19, 2021 by JESSICA DAWN

〰️ Full Moon Eclipse 〰️

We’ve peaked. At the Full Moon, Eclipse life is full and rich with experience. Scorpio opens the closet to release the skeletons. And Taurus, Scorpio’s counterbalance, keeps a stable ground for all to meet upon.

Two sides of the same coin. Peace, and conflict, vulnerability, and stability. It takes work to get along. Often blood and tears as well. Growth demands compassion, grace, humility, forgiveness, and understanding. None of us are alone in this. We all know what it takes. Somethings in life we can count on. We all have our loyalties. It is given and received, and what a blessing to behold – loyalty. And bonds at times are severed as well. Some things last the test of time, and others do not. Like patterns, habits, ways of being, perceptions, people… There’s black and white, and the rainbow in-between this is for certain!

Eclipses expose where change is necessary and due—taking us on a ride through that very portal. They are initiations into the next dimension of this time-space experience. It’s a soul’s journey deep within and then a resurrection upon the return. Reclaimed and changed, we emerge on the other side of the lesson.

As our deeper selves are revealed, and our true values come to the surface, it’s love that we seek. But the diversity is real. There truly are so many paths to the center. It’s natural to feel at odds with what we are not. Through conflict, we gain awareness and expand further into understanding what’s outside of us in reflection to what’s going on within. We are the paradox.

This is a time of massive tension, like a tug of war between the opposites. Our instincts, survival, values, desires, and needs have all been intensely under the spotlight throughout this entire cycle. It is what Scorpio and Taurus are about.

This eclipse will lead us into an entirely new frame, as the Nodes of the Moon will soon be leaving the past 18 months of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and entering a new 18-month eclipse season cycle with Taurus/Scorpio taking over. This Eclipse Full Moon Day is a powerful ending and new beginning. It’s time!

With Mars opposite Uranus and Mercury squaring Jupiter, these are truly symbols of a revolution. The mind and the expanse, the will and the spark of genius. This Full Moon reeks of rebellion and metamorphic transformation. We are all undergoing the process, each in our own way! Growth is happening exponentially this week. We are being called to let go and step into the unknown, embracing the next stages of our journey and evolution. The momentum of this time is like a grand entryway, like walking through the threshold, like the curtain has been drawn.

Venus is edging closer to Pluto as the Moon opposes both during this week in Cancer. We are getting a taste of the bigger picture soon to come with the 40-day Venus Retrograde Cycle that kicks off with a Pluto conjunction to Venus (in December)! But we’re not there yet. So, for now, it’s about courageously facing and feeling all the depths rising from the heart.

As the Goddess of Love – Venus tends closer to the Lord of the Underworld – Pluto, we feel the power of this union of the Guides of the Dark strengthening as the marriage of their partnership soon comes into center stage. For us, this translates to massive death and rebirth initiations in partnerships, deep love commitments, and soul contracts being consecrated as well as released. Venus and Pluto mean serious business with matters of the heart!
Oh, and lest I not mention, money is hard on the mind for this transit as well!

May we all hold courage and grace as we go.

Jessica Dawn
🌚 Jessica will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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Deer have covid! Animals are dirty and dangerous. Soon, you won't be able to hunt! Feeding your family without the beast system, after all, is strictly forbidden…

Hunters may face COVID-19 risk when hunting deer, officials say

Wisconsin health officials said Monday that hunters should wear masks when field-dressing deer during this fall’s hunting season, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services updated its guidance for deer hunters Monday, adding new advice on taking proper precautions when out in the field.

“Hunters are always encouraged to use good hygiene practices when processing animals to reduce their risk of exposure to many possible disease agents,” the department said. “Incorporating a few additional measures can also help to reduce their risk of possible exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”
Some of the new changes include:

Wear a mask when field-dressing deer.
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"The word 'honest' and 'honor' have the same root in latin. So when we're honest with ourselves, we're honoring ourselves. To honor ourselves at the deepest level is to be radically honest about what is." ~ Aurianna Joy
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Take this opportunity to cleanse your mind of the filth of modern society —

The trick is to talk to the bees. It’s a British Isles tradition to keep the bees informed on the goings on of day to day life. You literally go out there once a week, set up a chair and tell them all the important news.
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The ways of old are returning to those who honour and respect nature. Those who blend with nature. Those who practice living their true human nature as our ancient and not so ancient ancestors would have done.

Before you cut down a tree, branch or a flower, let the spirit of know what you're going to do. This allows the spirit to remove its energy and not feel the cut so strong. Offering prayers of gratitude and thanks are a beautiful way of doing this.

When you go to nature and want to take a stone or a rock from its place of guardianship, ask permission first. Simply hold the rock and ask. You will always get an answer. Learn to trust.

If you climb a mountain or take a forest hike ask the spirits and guardians for protection. Make a small offering. It's very important that you communicate, even if you don't feel, hear or see.

Enter each place with respect, because all nature hears you, sees you and feels you. Every move you make in microcosm generates a big impact on macrocosm.

When approaching vegetation, be grateful for the medicine it has for you. Learn about the wild roots and plants that grow naturally close to home. The most resilient of “weeds” are actually powerful medicines. You may need them one day.

Honor life in its various forms and be aware that each being is fulfilling its purpose. Nothing was created to fill the spaces, we are all here remembering our mission, remembering who we are and waking up from the holy dream of returning home!🌲🌲🌲