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If you had the chance to meet the genie of the lamp, what would you wish?
I bet, there are many things you would wish coming true: you may dream a great career, a new home, an adventurous trip around the world, live longer and healthier. It’s an endless list.

Let me share a secret with you… You already have the magic lamp! That lamp is called meditation.

Meditation can help wish fulfillment in many ways: it can prolong longevity reducing stress and anxiety, can restore a balance in your body and mind increasing vitality, peace, stability and enthusiasm. Meditating can help you manage your time wisely, your mind becomes clear and alert, it makes you leave the past behind and focus on the present. You operate in the “now” and now means “action”: you can manage how to be balanced and focused and leaving the worries aside, you are able to face the challenges with a new, positive attitude.

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Are you a sweet tooth person?

We all love a bit of sweetness in our life like a slice of cake or processed food, however, sugar is not that good for us and a high-sugar diet can have a deleterious impact on our bodies.
When we talk about sugar we refer to the refined sugar – which comes with over 56 different hidden names in food – and not the natural sugar in fruits and vegetables.

We are all aware of the potential physical damages sugar can cause to our bodies: skin and cells aging, may feed cancer cells, promotes diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, but do you know that many studies have confirmed a link between sugar and mental health?

Researchers have discovered a link between the gut health and the functionality of the brain: the microbiome in your gastrointestinal tract could be associated with anxiety disorders. Harmful substances (in this case, sugar) can damage the intestinal permeability and create dysbiosis (imbalance of the microbiome that increases the bad bacteria and decreases the good bacteria). The dysbiosis can cause the leaky gut syndrome: a cascade of events will generate a systemic inflammation and activate the immune system. Toxic substances start circulating into your body and attack the brain, creating a neurotransmitter imbalance that we see in anxiety and depression.

Sugar appears to also be linked to the suppression of the hormone Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which is lower in patients with depression.

Sugar and junk food can trigger the production of dopamine: a hormone that induces a “feel-good” sensation to your brain and creates addiction. Sugar and fatty food can trigger the cravings in your brain and you may develop withdrawal symptoms when you cut them out of your diet.

Our bodies are not intended to process the amount of refined sugar we ingest: our organs and minds are interconnected that we need to take care of both to achieve an optimal wellbeing.

Do you find it hard to give up sugar?

Sign up for my “Give Sugar The Boot 5 Days Challenge” and we will help you with the cravings, substitutes, and rebalance your body following Fed’s natural and holistic methods.

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What is individuality?

It’s our baggage of our own thoughts, judgments, self-chosen people we are surrounded, our feelings and our own abilities and skills. People should be able to live their life, express themselves, and seek happiness on their own terms, but then we face the reality and confrontation with school, workplace, relationships, partners and friends, society and we lay down dreaming our dream.
You treasure your independent spirit and soul, but you adapt to the collective views and thoughts.

How’s the throat chakra associated with our individuality?

The fifth chakra is associated with the truth, the power to seek our self, truly manifest originality, and creatively give voice to our thoughts and emotions.
You may feel stuck and struggle to find your purpose: a meaningful set of long-term goals that develop through your life. Individual purpose doesn’t only help to put our thoughts and skills into practice, but also benefits the community, increasing a feeling of well-being. When people live their purpose, they are able to face up uncertainties and long-term stress.

Do you feel anxious, insecure, shy? Do you fear to feel judged, mocked, ridiculed? Do you endlessly complain, talk, don’t listen, talk loud and aggressively?

Your throat chakra might be imbalanced!

Our NaturAlly YOU Foundation System Course is a comprehensive, holistic system to help you identify and heal your whole body, mind and soul.

Watch my FREE WEBINAR . You will discover how you can really feel amazing by unlocking 7 secrets to your ultimate health and well-being and balance your chakras!

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

We have so many tasks and things to do and think about during the day that is normal we end up stressed, lost and nervous.

Meditation has many benefits, including restore your energy, inner peace and releasing anxiety.
It involves sitting in a relaxing position, free from distractions for at least 20 minutes and concentrating on breathing to restore the body's calm state.

Concentrating on your lungs – breathe in breathe out -, the air flowing inside your body and how you expand and contract your abdomen, can help improving your focus.
Other meditation techniques can include hearing your own voice (repeat a mantra) or soundscapes, ambient sounds, and instrumental music: you can move your focus from a sound beneath other sounds and fill yourself with a sense of peace.

Cultivating calm day by day can help to release those hormones that make your heart rate increase, breathe quicker and maintain your muscles tense. Meditation causes a relaxation response from the body that promotes calm and general well-being.

The body is so interconnected! When one thing is out of balance, everything is. We want to help you find balance in your body and the amazing news is you have so many CHOICES.

Enrol now and reclaim your power with The NaturAlly You Foundation Course: a comprehensive 7 weeks program that follows the NaturAllyFed unique, holistic system focusing on gut health and the digestive system, how your mental health impacts your physical health, and how mindfulness can play a key role in shifting our goals and values.



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Are you an active listener?
Listening is an important communication skill and how we listen has an impact on our relationships.
We listen for many reasons: enjoy, connect, understand and to learn; by listening better you will avoid misunderstanding and avoid conflicts.

Listening is not just hearing, but includes few important features you need to remember and work on, to be able to give your full attention to the other person.

So, can you “AFFORD” to listen carefully?

Be attentive and present for the other person (no need of eye contact if you are shy!) means you are giving your undivided attention: listening carefully means also not jumping to conclusions and keep an open mind on the other person’s feelings and beliefs.

We all have a desire to say our point of view, but try to not to be intrusive and interrupt the other person: if you are a quick thinker, just relax and adapt to the other person’s pace to let them express themselves.

Watching the body language you also understand if it reinforces the speaker's message or if it’s inconsistent. Non-verbal communication can show hidden meanings: reading through facial expression, tone of voice and other behaviours can tell more than a speech itself.
Restate what you heard can help the other person feel heard and also it helps you verify if you understood correctly, and eventually ask for clarification.

Are you struggling to actively listen to the people around you? Do you have difficulties socializing?

We are here to hear you!

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by whatever is happening in your life?

You are over-scheduled, anxious, extremely busy. You don’t want to fail and disappoint friends, coworkers, family and you end up saying “yes” to everything.
You are failing to enforce boundaries just to please others at a point that your health (physical and mental) will pay the price.

What can you do to maintain your sanity and peace?

- Know your values. You decide your priorities and routine. You determine what is absolutely necessary for your life, what is important, and what tasks you have to prioritise: you need the right mindset and self-control. To be more effective, make a life plan and concentrate on 2 or 3 things that you must absolutely dedicate to.
- Tell others: people around you must know your boundaries and they need to learn you can say “no”. They may feel disappointed, but it’s ok.
- Stick 100%: commitment. It won’t be easy but remember you have the power to enforce your boundaries and you don’t have the duty to please everyone. Protect your time, your energy, your mental stability.

Do you find it difficult to set healthy boundaries and stick to them?

Call me NOW for a FREE NLP consultation and discover how I can support you

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Stability and comfort. We all love that.
All of us have our own comfort zone where we feel safe, fearless, secure, at peace. It’s convenient.

Do you want to change your life and be in charge of your present and future?
You need to realise that you need to step outside your comfort zone, find your inner power and take action.

You may rely on other people (parents, partners, friends, etc.), but taking control means also build your independence and build your mental strength. Yes, it will take time and won’t be a smooth journey.

You will need to learn to say “no” to help: helping hands can build bonds and connections, but you need to start getting into the discomfort of moving somewhere new, explore and discover; you need to be self-reliant, independent, use your abilities and intuition.

You hold the power.

Change your attitude, your mindset and focus on positive events. This month you have no more time for reflection, planning, thinking and gathering your idea, but it’s the right time to go out getting what you want!

Don’t hold back anymore, make it a reality.

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Our five-day Sugar Challenge starts Monday 25th October.

Do you want to know the bittersweet truth about sugar?
In 2020 we consumed approximately 177.8 million metric tons of this product worldwide!

I'm not talking about the healthy, natural sugar you consume when you eat fruit. I'm talking about sugars added to processed foods.

Sugar consumption is responsible for chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver, cognitive decline, fatigue and has even been linked to some cancers.

More than 4.9 million people in the UK have diabetes and heart and circulatory diseases cause around a quarter of all deaths. These numbers are shocking and unfortunately the trend shows they will increase in the next decade!

Sugar is a very addictive compound because it releases opioids and dopamine in our bodies: you feel a pleasurable high and what happens? You want more of it!

Do you have an irresistible sweet tooth? You might even have cravings - many of us do!

If you can relate to eating a few too many sugary 'treats,' it might be something you want to address, whether you're feeling negative health effects or not. These things can build up over years, going mainly unnoticed.

I have the solution for you to overcome your sugar addiction!

Our five-day challenge starts soon! You can join me for live daily coaching, or you can catch up in your own time.

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Get ready to “Give Sugar The Boot”!

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Have you ever experienced ghosting?
An average of 25% of people has been ghosted or ghosted someone in their life.

But, what is ghosting?

Ghosting is the end of a relationship – of any kind – without giving an explanation and stop any sort of communication.

Let’s be honest.
Ghosting can hurt.
You meet someone, you like them, you bond with them and suddenly they are gone. You start texting, contacting them, but you have zero response.
A sign that you have been ghosted is when you try to reach out to the other person, and you are met with silence.

There are many reasons why people are ghosting: a friendship may turn into a to-do-list, someone persists to demand an unwanted romance, dating someone, a person said something that wasn’t appreciated, you start knowing someone better and you feel they cannot be part of your lifestyle, and the list is endless.

This may leave you confused, paranoid, frustrated.
When can you tell someone is ghosting you? Maybe they are too busy, right?
When someone is fulfilling our lives, we can usually shift around our schedules to make time for them or at least reach out and let them know we are having other priorities. So, if a person suddenly has disappeared, there is a high chance you have been ghosted.

Don’t worry. It’s ok not to feel ok. As soon as you realized you have been ignored, it is time to move forward, considering that you won’t probably get an explanation.

On the other hand, if you no longer want to keep a relationship, it is your time to say goodbye. If you have no time for someone or you don’t like them anymore and feel the need to ghost them, choose to communicate honestly and calmly.
When it comes to connection and communication, ghosting is a disrespectful and unhealthy way to end any kind of relationship with other people. Unless someone appears to be a treat, it should be appropriate to let them know we are not interested in keeping this person in our lives, maybe explaining the reasons, and then move forward.

Ghosted people can spend hours or days trying to figure out what happened and have an impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Mental health professionals have classed “ghosting” as a form of “emotional cruelty” that can end in deep sadness, depression or develop anger and pain.
Be nice. Say something.

Do you experience difficulty moving forward from a painful situation?

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