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Hello, dear readers. We would like to introduce you our project, which we have been developing the last few months.
Our project is called My Planet. This is a play to earn (p2e) game based on the Sol blockchain.
Here you can earn a token and exchange it for Sol.

Below is the basic concept of our game.
There are 6 continents in the game where organizations are located.
There are 5 types of organizations. Airport, factory, hospital, restaurant, office.
There are also 6 types of workers.

Universal workers and workers needed for their organization.
An universal worker can work in any type of organization without loss of payment.
Ordinary workers need to be employed in exactly the type of organization in which they are qualified.
For example, the barman will earn more in the restaurant than in the office.
Conditions for receiving free NFT!
You can see detailed information in our discord
1). Get level 12 in discord or Invite 15 friends to discord.
2). Subscribe to our Twitter
3). Like, retweet a pinned tweet
4). Join the telegram channel
5). Fill out the Google form
The distribution will be made after the public mint.
The number of participants is unlimited
Conditions for obtaining a Whitelist
1). Get level 5 in discord or invite 5 people to discord.
2). Subscribe to our Twitter
3). Like, retweet the pinned tweet
4). Join the telegram channel
5). Fill out the Google form
Number of participants 500 people
The crafting system.
For an in-game token, you can buy basic tools in the store. From them, you can craft an individual tool that is necessary for a specific worker or organization. These are unexplored recipes. You need to learn about each craft
by trial and error. But! Open recipes will be displayed in the appropriate place.
How to improve an employee and an organization, see the article Improvement System.

The system of improvements.
Improvement gives you the opportunity to work longer or earn more or master a new qualification. The most advanced employee of the common level = the 1st level of the uncommon employee.

Energy system
In order for an employee to earn, he needs to replenish the energy that can be bought in the store.
Also, in order for the organization to receive a salary in the organization, and the organization receives % of the workers, it needs to replenish energy in the store.
Internal marketplace.
As for the internal marketplace. There will be a tab on the game's website where you can sell your workers, organizations, make auctions, offer an exchange to other participants with or without a surcharge, and choose a currency (in-game token or Sol).

Economy. We will talk about the economy in our game.
As you already know, there are the following objects in the game: organizations, workers, tools, energy.
Organizations receive % of the worker's salary. Each organization has a certain % commission and the capacity of workers. Organizations pay rent on the land in which they are located.
Workers get paid. If a worker does not work in his specialty, he earns less.
For an in-game token, you can buy basic tools in the store. For what they are needed, see the article Crafting System.
We want to thank you for your activity, in less than a day the number of our users has exceeded 2500 people! This is great news. Together we make the future!🚀
🎉We want to announce an event🎉
Leaders by invitations of friends to discord and leaders by activity (level in discord) will be awarded.
The total pool of the competition is 760 Sol🤯
Details in our discord 👇
We present to you our inventory, some details may change🎉
Take a look at our shop, how do you like it?🧐
Dear community. We are glad to inform you about the dates of the premint and mint🥳

Premint will be on 19.10.21 at 16:00 UTC in the amount of 500 NFT. The cost is 0.4 Sol. Only for members with a whitelist role!
It's time to check whether the conditions of receipt are met and whether the role has been received, otherwise write to 🔍proofs
Immediately after this event, we will verify our collection at the following markets solanart, magiceden, solsea, verification will take up to 12 hours🧐

The mint will be on 22.10.21 at 16:00 UTC in the amount of 3000 NFT. The cost is 0.7 Sol. All project participants can take part in this event.

Total NFT workers quantity is 3500😋
So, let's take a look at the upcoming dates of all the events 🎉
18.10.21 at 16:00 UTC Closing of the form for the role of FreeNFT
19.10.21 at 16:00 UTC Premint
19.10.21-20.10.21 Verification of our collection on the markets
19.10.21 The first awarding of active participants of our project with the
following roles: early members, moderators, boosters 🌎

22.10.21 at 16:00 UTC Mint
23.10.21 at 16:00 UTC Closing of the competition t for a total of 760 Sol
25.10.21 Distribution of free NFT to members with the role of FreeNFT
25.10.21 Summing up the results of the competition
25.10.21-28.10.21 Awarding of the winners of the competition😏

End of October - beginning of November
- Mint of organizations by whitelist
- The second award of active members of our project
- The first award of NFT holders of our collection
We will publish the exact information about these events later🤯
So guys, we are glad to inform you that the whitelist is full

Until the 18th, you have the opportunity to get the right to free NFT
Until the 23rd, you can take part in the competition for 760 SOL🤩

Details in our discord
🤩So, we want to please you that everything is set up and working. This means that Premint will be successful

❗️We will publish a link for Premint 19 Oct at 15:59 UTC in our discord

I also want to warn you to beware of scammers, we will NOT send you links in private messages

‼️The original PreMint link will only be sent to the channel #information in our discord 19 Oct at 15:59 UTC

The price is 0.4 Sol. Total 500 NFT
Acquisition of the FreeNFT role is closed😌, the total number of users is 480 participants.
This is not the final number, since some were noticed using cheat and spam, we will check each participant for fraudulent actions and remove them from the role with confirmation of these actions.
Those who have received the role will receive NFT to their wallet on October 25. Thank you for participating in the competition🤗

Let's take a look at the question that interests everyone, what NFT will be issued to participants free of charge?🧐

All cards that we participate in the sale and distribution will be used in the game.
The purpose of the distribution is to give players the opportunity to enter the game for free with a strong desire.

Each NFT has the right to work for a certain type of organization without loss of remuneration, these cards have the ability to work in any type of organization without loss of remuneration, that is, they are universal.

Free NFT will not be in the pool of premints and mints, and will have a lower earnings ratio🤫

These cards will also be verified on platforms and will be able to trade on marketplaces🤗
Dear community, today at 16:00 UTC we will conduct the premint for the whitelist, you will have an 1 hour to mint, if during this time the NFTs are not minted for any reason, access will be opened for everyone, this is necessary in order to quickly pass verification on marketplaces
Dear community after 4 hours premint starts. The link to premint will be posted at 15:59 UTC on the channel 📋information . Only members with a whitelisted role have access to the channel
Only 1 hour left before the start of the premint🔥
Start in 10 minutes🔥
Messages in this channel will be automatically deleted after 1 day