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#S07E15 - Triple Threat
11:30 AM Eastern Time
15:30 GMT
18:30 MSK GMT+3

Нет никакой гарантии, что транляция будет работать по какой-либо из ссылок.
There is no guarantee that the stream will work on any of the links.
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#S07E15 - Triple Threat

Онлайн версия / online version:

[TVRIP/1080p/ENG/RUS HARDSUBS by Anon2Anon]

Версия для загрузки / download version:
[TVRIP/1080p/ENG Dolby AC3 5.1/ENG SUBS by derpyhooves]!4JhXgTxJ!4d0opUrqmhD8kHqx5vGSP3UnhvRhShUU5pXM6c6hZik

[TVRIP/1080p/ENG Dolby AC3 5.1/RUS HARDSUBS by Anon2Anon]

Subtitles by Anon2Anon for TVRIP by derpyhooves:

[TVRip/1080p/END/RUS SUBS by TheDoctor Team]
S07E15 w/o hardsubs:
S07E15 with Russian hardsubs:
Russian subs for S07E15 (.ass):

[iTunes/1080p/ENG Dolby AC3 5.1 + AAC 2.0/NO SUBS]!ASY0SbDJ!NH0IBY5tbUcPXIOi8ly-YR5KjISQxjQ7-STT9wyBiso

More links are here:

Subtitles by Anon2Anon for iTunes:
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