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Developable and Extensible, Tiered Smart Contracts

The most effective solution to commercial integration and survey systems in the BlockChain ecosystem
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Hello to everyone,

A preliminary roadmap has been prepared. Announcement will be made at 02.00 PM UTC.

Now is the time to development and progress!

Lets start,
The new update package has been released.

- Adding Info of Parex Rate in Parex List
- Adding Scan QRCODE in Parex Withdraw
- Adding Number of Burned Coins in Details
Hello to everyone,

myDexChain technology is expanding its goals and objectives for the coming period. The roadmap is attached. We want to achieve more than the goals given in the list.

🎯The biggest change ever is coming.
🎯We are developing and growing. This is just the beginning! Stay with us.

Let the change begin!
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The myDexChain Ecosystem is moving towards full independence. myDexChain Inc. In line with its principles, structures such as institution / person / organization are not directly related to myDexChain.

DexFactory, the symbol of myDexChain independence, was established. Working like a research and development center, DexFactory will meet all the technical needs of the community and ecosystem.
Forwarded from myDexChainTech
Forwarded from myDexChainTech
Blockchain smart contracts enable the creation of trustless protocols. This means that two parties can make commitments on the blockchain without having to know or mutually trust each other. They can be assured that the contract will not be enforced if the conditions are not met. On the other hand, the use of smart contracts greatly reduces operational costs by eliminating the need for intermediaries.

The myDexChain ecosystem also includes tiered smart contracts. We know that in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, many applications will be created on the myDexChain ecosystem thanks to smart contracts. Soon, we will see the projects of corporates with smart contracts together with exciting developments.

Stay tuned for official announcements. Don't miss the opportunities.
Burn activity will help increase Market Cap by regulating the total supply of the coin. It also gives CMC information such as circulating supply, aggregate supply, etc. It will provide a more accurate transfer of parameters.

Thanks to the burns, the token ecosystem will also be declared and a more transparent structure will be presented.

For the DexChain ecosystem, burn events will open the door to many things.
For the last quarter of 2021, 3,500,000,000 coins determined in the roadmap were burned.
The amount of DXC in circulation has been updated and verified.

Now, the coins in the secure wallet are also included in the amount of coins in circulation.

Thus, the amount of DXC in circulation covers all wallets except DexChain Main Wallet and Burn Wallet.
0.3% Fee + 5% BurnFee will be deducted from shipments sent from production wallets. 5% will be sent directly to the incineration address and deleted from circulation.

The fee for Secure Wallet and all other wallet transfers will continue to be 0.3%.

This process will continue until Total Supply reaches 1 billion.
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Türkiye Topluluğu için oluşturulmuş olan Trade Gurubu topluluğun kullanımına açılmıştır. Gurup kuralları belirtilmiş olup uyulması çokça önemlidir.

Parex Exchange - Türkçe - DXC|PRX (Trade & Investment)
Burada yer alan yorum ve tavsiyeler, yorum ve tavsiyede bulunanların kişisel görüşlerine dayanmaktadır. Bu görüşler mali durumunuz ile risk ve getiri tercihlerinize uygun olmayabilir.
Tracker system requirements have been updated.
The new fast sync file has been released.

wget -c
The new update package has been released.

- Adding Exchanges Section in Dashboard
- New Transaction Successful Page
- Fix Copy Feature of Parex List