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Open Memory

Open Memory is a love,drama and family life nollywood african movie
SideChic Gang

Side Chick Gang is a Ghanaian drama/comedy movie that tells a story about three female friends who quit their real jobs as ushers to pursue a job which pays more and better than their old jobs they set up “sidechic gang”. Sidechic gang only provides services to women. This makes the men very unhappy with…
April 4th

Cythia is set to meet the mystery man she has fallen in love with overtime. Tragedy strikes before the date and she meets a different person.
Beyond Pardon

The unfortunate demise of Ngozi’s father places the family burden on her.

After the demise of their father, three brothers have a lot to lose should they refuse to put aside their sibling rivalry.
When Love Hurts

Unable to heal from an abusive relationship that happened when she was young, Yetunde does the unthinkable to protect her daughter from suffering the same fate.
A Perfect Past

Does a Perfect Past affects the future? A Man meets his past lover on the day of his engagement and situation becomes unavoidable. Find out how this is resolved?
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