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Forwarded from GnCtv
Help Geeky Boy Get To GDC Enjin Represent! He is committed! HE WILL "Dress Up" if Pre-sale Goal is Reached!!! Amazing MvB and Nestables Goodies and Now This Added Bonus!
Forwarded from cloverme | Age of Rust
LeFevre is streaming now with some of the puzzles he's solved!
⭐️⭐️⭐️Nestables Cube Sale Goal Drive!🔥Let’s do this! This goal is very important. 🦎Get a free Epic Gecko Multiverse Skin!🦎
If, and only if, the goal of 20k is reached in the needed time will I give an Epic Gecko MV Asset to everyone that spent at least $30 since the launch of this Gecko MV Giveaway.🦎
🔥If someone spends $60 will receive two! 😎
🔥This means that I am giving 166+ Gecko Multiverse Skins for this project! Happy Nesting all! 🦎
Forwarded from Angel UserFlood
Hi there guys!
We're very excited to tell you that the new ROAD MAP Is now LIVE! 🥁🎈🎊

Check it out here:


🏢 New - Hub Level
+ Chill with your friends/fellow employees.
+ Launch a game with them.
+ Show them how much loot you unlocked.
+ Pimp your office (the hub level)
+ Edit your loadouts.
+ Unlock and customize new abilities.

🏹 New – Game Modes
+ PvE Missions: Fight to the objective!
(similar to L4D2 and Warhammer Vermintide)
+ PvP: Fight to the death against your friends, what’s not to love?

🛡Upgraded – Defence Mode
+ Winnable.
+ More enemies and new enemy ai.
+ Different difficulties to die to.

🎢 New – Levels, Difficulties
+ Unlockable from the Hub Level using items found in game.

🤖 New and Upgraded, Enemies and Ai
+ New enemies, with new and exciting ways to challenge Corp employees.

+ Earn abilities from playing the game.
+ Customize what your abilities do.
+ Upgrade abilities to their final forms.
+ Possibly… new weapons?!

🏺Upgraded – The Art
+ Overhauled enemies and player, both models and textures.
+ Overhauled animations.
+ Customizable Hub Level.
+ Customizable character features (think skins or shaders).
+ New objects to put into shiny new levels.
+ Texture and detail upgrades.
Let’s go !!!!!
Multiverse brotherhood Update Time :

All members of the Multiverse brotherhood will now receive an update on everyone's birthday. We believe in a close relationship with all members and how nice it would be if everyone sent a gift to you 🤝
Know when your brothers and sisters have a birthday and no one is forgotten ❤️🙏🏻

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Send a message to this bot 👉🏻 @BirthdayReminderBot and tell him when it's your birthday, do it like this 👉🏻16/05/1988

Special shout out: @Giakk for making this happen 🙏🏻
Attention AV_ENJers!!


Our market place at will now deliver all items you buy immediately!

No more waiting for a week or more for us to mint and send items at the end of a sale. You will now receive the item within minutes after purchasing!

Using Paypal works almost instantly.

Paying with crypto can take a few minutes or longer depending on network congestion and how high you set your gas fees. The higher you set it, the faster it will clear and be delivered.

We have added back in all of the Common, Uncommon and Rare items so you can try it out before spending on more expensive items.

We hope this new feature will make your buying experience 100% more satisfying!

Stay tuned for more fun, tasty items coming very soon!
Forwarded from Xavier Moore
Multiverse Weekend Event!

Starting tonight in Shield of Shalwend, chests have a chance to drop Forge Hammers and Stormwall Shields. (Limit of 1 each per account)

Purchase a copy, link your Enjin wallet, and kill elves to collect ENJ backed items!
㉫ Join the Blockchain Gaming Revolution ㉫

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HEX World:

This is the list of official Enjin adopters and Spark developers. These projects have been verified to the best of our ability and are making consistent progress. As always, please be cautious and do your own research when participating in any crowdfunding campaigns.
Forwarded from GnCtv
Alert! Enjin Game!! Check it out!
Cubicverse MMORPG Ultimate Founders Token Sale:

Cubicverse MMORPG is launching an Ultimate Founders Token which will entitle the holders to EVERY Cubicverse ERC 1155 asset that will ever be minted!!! The price of each UFT will be set at 2,500 Enjin Coin. If you would like to participate in this pre-sale then go to this form

Personal Message from the CEO:
If you are interested in Cubicverse MMORPG Game or the sale of the Ultimate Founders Token and you would like to have a private discussion with me about any questions or concerns you may have then please feel free to private message me @tobeyrowe and join the fun at Enjin Strong!
Forwarded from Daniel Matias
Getting closer 👀