Channel about Multiplace server reinstall
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memory is a tragix thing but some habits (and default passwords) never change
(which is to say access granted ;)))
this is a one man show ))
no one cares about the server
oh noez, just noticed a kernel update has wiped out a possibility to boot the new system
/things getting complicated
anyway, now im stuck on making the network interfaces on the new system come up in the correct order with the correct routes
(after a reboot)
solved !!
funny thing this was an unsolved problem on the old system too .
new beginnings ! )
exporting and importing the databases nw between systems
moving mails between systems (as well as web data)
rebooted to OLD system and gonna give it some break
good night telegram ))
aaand welcome back to another night of sanchez migration :)
big topic of tonight - make the mail system run
mails seem to run ok !
now just finish the webs & the rest will happen tomorrow
webs & mails working, the rest will wait.. good night telegram )