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This summer, we worked hard to improve our Multi-level menu application.

We added:
1. Goods in menu dropdown. Show products in drop-down area in categories without subcategories.
2. Menu logo for desktop and mobile (2nd and 3rd template) versions
3. Indentation between categories in drop down area
4. Easy selection of menu design from your phone.
5. Button widths for mobile version
6. Column subcategories for a specific category
7. Quick selection and deletion of categories working with a filter
8. The preview of the custom area is always in front of the;eyes
9. Increased speed and stability of the application.
10. A lot of minor improvements and fixes

You can read about each improvement by clicking on the link below
In Mon, we released not big changes in the administrative part of the Multi-level menu application, but very important.
Now you can switch to the video from the admin panel telling how to configure the block you are interested in. To do this, a video button appeared in the block body by clicking on which you will be redirected to the video in YouTube.
Hello everyone.
Today we rolled out new updates, everyone who is interested can look at the prin screenshots, I think I will sign in more detail later:
Today we released a plugin on the platform platform WordPress Multi-level menu for Ecwid (

Many are already waiting for this plugin.
With the plugin, you can more easily configure the work of our menu on the WordPress platform.

Come and test the plugin right now.
For the plugin to work, write to us in the chat or here in the Telegram.
πŸ“£ We have released updates in the application, the list of improvements is below:

πŸ‘ Feature: Alignment options for various elements
πŸ‘ Feature: Close menu on ESC key press
πŸ‘ Feature: Custom CSS for menu compatibility
πŸ‘ Feature: Menu on page scroll stuck on top
πŸ‘ Feature: Show / hide arrows for top and dropdowns
πŸ‘ Feature: Show dropdown opened in preview mode
πŸ‘ Feature: Vertical view paddings removed when has no logo
βœ… Fix: Desktop view was not disabled sometimes
βœ… Fix: Logo background issue
βœ… Fix: Misprint in some words
βœ… Fix: Root item became unclickable in case of one root item click
βœ… Fix: Setting overwrite issue and dropdown position in vertical layout
βœ… Fix: The products in menu had incorrect bg hover on WP
Hi everyone!

πŸ“£ Today we released a new version of the application 4.5, here is what we added to it:

πŸ‘ Feature: Menu items top and dropdown icons
πŸ‘ Feature: Menu on page scroll stuck on top
πŸ‘ Feature: Copy widget token button
πŸ‘ Feature: Multiple display improvements
πŸ‘‰ Details of menu improvements in the new version 5.0.

The fact is that we began to write stores with the problem of artifacts before the final loading of the menu, which you can see in the picture.

To solve this problem, we had to revise the menu loading algorithm and test different options.

The decision is ours.

πŸ‘‰ Now the menu loads even at the smallest speeds and weakest devices without artifacts.

πŸ‘‰ We also optimized the menu code, as a result of which it began to load faster than the previous version.

πŸ‘‰ Test the new menu option and write reviews and suggestions.
πŸ‘‹ Dear Customer,

This fall we released a new version of the menu, in which we improved:

πŸ‘ Multi-language allows you to display menu items in different languages, by adding a translation in product categories.

πŸ‘ Improving the user interface for editing categories – this setting allows you to add more than 1,000
categories to the menu via settings in the "menu items" section.

πŸ‘ MUI Support for Equid catalog items (categories, products). We Improved the appearance of the URL, raised the limit on the number of characters in the link
up to 1024 characters, so you can easily add a link with UTM placemark to an external or internal page and it will work properly.

🀝 If you need help to understand the menu, you can write us in online chat.
Yesterday afternoon we released updates to the Multi-level menu - this is its 6th version.
1. The most expected in this release is the speed of the menu, it now works 2 times faster.
2. Menu admin panel - completely rewritten on new technology and began to work even faster.
3. Added new features, which I will talk about later in a separate post.

We've been working hard for about 2 months, during this time we made a brilliant Multi-level menu release (

1. It loads 2 times faster than in the previous version ( lazy image loading);

2. It is a Beautiful new Ecwid design theme, which can switch on or off, by going to Settings (Settings > What's New >> New-gen Instant Site);

3. It allows you to create your own menu items with a picture and description;

4. The Special icons to the Menu, such as phone, search, e-mail, shopping cart, allows your customers to find communication channels with you even faster.
You can customise the appearance of the icons to match the design of your store by changing:
- the color of the icons in a calm state and in an active state (when hovering the mouse);
- alignment of the block with icons on the left, center, or on the right;
- icon size;
- indentation around icons;
- margins between special icons;
- external margins between icons.