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No one is alone if love for the people we love lives in our hearts!

This key idea, so warming, uplifting, empowering and inspiring to create, is the basis of the new song "Never Lonely" by Moving Heroes.

The members of the famous band, cousins Elan and Jenier, continue to spread joy to their fans. They recently released the single "Yesterday", which in a short time has already won the hearts of listeners with its amazing energy and gained more than 1,500,000 listens on music streaming platforms!

Now, in the run-up to Christmas, Moving Heroes aren't planning to stop in their striving to share with the world the creative energy, the inner light that lives in their hearts! After all, distance and time are not important for the love of loved ones! It's all in Moving Heroes, it's all in Never Lonely!

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Let's remember the lines from the composition "Golden times", included in the debut self-titled album, which received the status of "Golden" back, but to this day is one of the most iconic in the work of the group!

"He disliked the rules
While living in his home.
He would like to choose
The future he will own.
One can’t change the world
But he said: “I will”.
He left home, he thought:
“What’s crazy – that is real”

Break the rules and follow your star!⭐️
And fans love to give gifts to their idols! For example, a jacket decorated with crystals!

Moving Heroes: "We want to thank everyone for the wonderful drawings, incredible gifts and cool poems that you send us! And a huge thank you for this coolest thing, for such beauty - we will wear it for sure! And take turns!!"

Then it was Elan's turn🤘🏻🤩
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Новый Год уже на пороге🎄💥Мы не будем подводить итоги своего года, и писать цели на 2023 год, не будем рассказывать про достижения))
Сегодня мы хотим думать о вас❤️‍🔥и сказать вам только одно:

Отдыхайте! Позвольте себе расслабиться. Попробуйте радоваться как дети, посмотрите вокруг.
Вы сделали ВСЁ, что могли в этом году! Всё идёт как надо и всё происходит вовремя. Вы молодцы!
Просто поблагодарите себя за этот год.

Пообещайте себе всегда выбирать себя, ставить свои цели и желания на первое место, обучаться всему новому и слушать хорошую музыку!
Ну и конечно, мира и любви, дорогие друзья!
Желаем вам этого в Новом Году от всей души! 🪩🙌❤️‍🔥

С Новым Годом!😇
Shine bright like a diamond!
Happy New Year🫶
My honey Glory🐎
Смотрю в ее бесконечно глубокие глаза и сердце наполняется теплом и радостью. Любимая Глория
Glamour 📸
We continue to remember gifts from fans! For example, for the release of the track "Alien", fans sent themed gifts! Alien perfume caught on with Elan, and the real alien cake was so pitiful to eat!
Share photos!👽🔥❤️
Studio time🎧
By the way, Jenier's favorite sport is windsurfing! Back in 2016, she received an international certificate from VDWS Germany - the level of a professional windsurfer!

Jenier: "It was unforgettable! Thanks to my coach and friend Sam. He soars above the waves like God. I want to learn too, it's very exciting! Such an extraordinary feeling of freedom! For me, this is the same thrill as music."🏄‍♀️
- We love to travel around Europe, to admire the picturesque places, - Jenier says. - Work is work, but we cannot deny ourselves the luxury of communicating with the beautiful. Fortunately, from the place in Germany where we now live, to the main points of Europe is within easy reach. I got into the car - and after a couple of hours you are in Paris or Brussels, a little more - and you are in London or in the south of France ... Yes, our touring life does not often allow us to go beyond the scope of a singing career, but as soon as a free day is issued - two, we are hand in hand - and in Paris. What decent girl would deny herself the pleasure of walking around Paris? At the same time, we love to discover not only metropolitan cities, but also cute provincial towns, where houses look like from a pastoral picture. You stop, sometimes, in a small hotel in the middle of rich fields, in a house surrounded by centuries-old trees - and as if plunged headlong into a fairy tale.
Here is what Ivars Licis (film director from Riga) says:

– For me, meeting with Moving Heroes was that rare moment when I discovered new good music. We met by chance after a concert dedicated to the Day of the City of Moscow, where they performed. I am from Riga, they are from Hamburg, but they met in the very heart of Russia.

Moving Heroes are beautiful girls with the character of warriors. Only their beauty is very unusual. There is some kind of power in her. They are not only the slender and tall girls that I meet daily in the world of glamour, they are the owners of rock charisma. An interesting approach is to combine details of such different styles as rock and pop: biker jackets, massive chains, crosses and things in neon pink.

Elan and Jeniеr look their own way, and naturally, and not at someone else's orders, and this makes them respect even more!
Happy birthday dear friend👌💥🎂

We are proud to work with you🎤
Dieter Bohlen forever young))