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Back in 2017 I came back from LA broke. Literally $142 to my name with hundreds of dollars worth of bills due. My Dad called me up weekly about going to college.

Friends and other ppl around me said I needed a job.

"Dylan you've gotta get serious"
"Dylan you simply can't survive in this world without a job, get real"
"Dylan you're gonna work entry level for the rest of your life, go to college"

On and on and on.

I refused to get a job.

As I knew if I could outlast my circumstances and find a way to make more money. Things would work out in my favor eventually.

So I kept hustling on Craigslist and scaling it up.

Eventually making $2-3k/month profit.

Fast-forward to 2019 and I moved abroad.

Now I'm writing this to you from Budapest.

Those same people who told me to "get serious" are amazed.

Telling me...

"Dylan it's great you are finally living the life you said you would, I always believed in you"
"Dylan great work bro! I'm gonna get there one day"

Blah blah blah.

I let them talk.

However - I know it doesn't mean much.

They're limited by their current awareness.

I could show them how to do what I did.

And not only what I did - but do it much quicker.

Yet they won't do it.

Your GREAT Takeaway:

In this life you're always gonna have people around you telling you things.

Do this.

Don't do that.

And you can either listen to them, changing course.

Or you can keep pushing forward.

Learning and improving along the way.

Because reality will always bend do the mind which keeps pushing.

I am living proof of this.

As are thousands of other people.

If you have the desire to make more money, be free of a job, and live your life how you want. This message is for you and I say keep pushing.
Your mind is only as powerful to the degree you use it.

Some losers use it to come up with excuses and useless BS.

Letting their minds cause them to worry, procrastinate, and doubt.

Other smarter people like yourself use it to evolve and create something.

Using your mind to grow your strength and power.

Applying it to Ultimate Side Hustle Blueprint to start making extra cash.

Learning new skills and things which upgrade your character in the real world.

Use your mind, don’t let it use you.
Shoutout to Rich for paying off his debt by applying Ultimate Side Hustle Blueprint.

In it, I lay everything out to make an extra $400-$2,000 a month.

He’s one of many people who are earning extra cash.

Once you go through week 1, message me if you’ve got any questions.

Let’s go 💪🏻
The world wants you living as one of the many characters running about not doing much of anything.

Waking up



And then Repeating this

When all along you can create your own story and be the main character.

Waking up

Creating your own life

But few ever even try


Because they don’t think it’s possible. Instead they let the world distract them.

-What’s so and so doing?
-Oh did you hear about xyz?
-What diet should I do?
-Did you hear about the new virus?
-Ugg I’ve got bills to pay?

Well I’m here to tell you...

Fuck all of that stuff.

Your friends, family, and the President aren’t gonna do anything for you.

Knowing about the latest drama or worrying about your insecurities won’t do a damn thing for you.

Only you picking something you want to improve and then putting your head down and manifesting results will change anything.

I’ve been working with a few of you in Ultimate Side Hustle Blueprint.

And then another person with building his online income.

They’re different than most people in the fact they finally woke up.

They are ready for change. And they’re tired of living life on repeat.

What they do?

They decided to get to work and begin focusing on creating their own life.

You and I will talk again soon.
2 years ago I met my family for dinner. We'd only see each other ever so often so every time I met, I came ready to show them I'm making moves.

I told em about what I was doing with flipping.

Around this time I was clearing 3k/month profit.

While also just getting back into my cleaning hustle.

I was 24 years old and making my own damn money.

Me being they we can all win kinda person, told them my plans.

Without hesitation my Dad told me...

"Dylan you’ve gotta get serious son. I'm worried about you. Otherwise you’re going to be working entry level jobs into your 60’s. Go to college and start working a real job.”

It was this same type of thinking which made me quit my job and figure this business stuff out.

Every day I clocked into my job it didn't feel right.

I'd go through the motions like everyone else around me.

Never fitting in.

And sure as Hell not seeing why they were able to be so happy.

They were working 40-50 hours a week.

Stressed out of their minds.

For what?

Living paycheck to paycheck.

Then drinking with the boys on the weekend.

I knew there had to be more to this whole life thing.

There had to be another way...

A way to make money without trading all of your time.

And a way to live your life in a way which felt authentic.

I just didn't know any other way.

At the time my awareness was job focused.

Business seemed mystical.

So I dedicated myself to learning how it worked.

Then in April of 2016 I quit my job.

And dived into the chaos with no safety net.

Just my mind and two hands.

It was fucking tough.

Days would go by without making any money.

Bills due in a week.

I'd sit there feeling like a crazy man.

"Damn maybe I'm not cut out of for this"
"Why am I even doing this"
"Maybe I should just go to college"

Day in day out the doubts flooded my mind.

Not for a few months, but for months on end.

Years even.

All I did was keep pushing forward without stopping.

I'd let the doubts, fear, and everything else pass me by.

Without looking back I kept walking...

I knew if I could just find something which worked, everything would work out.

All I needed was 1.5-2k/month.

Then I'd finally be able to breathe a little.

So I kept pushing.

-Writing articles for people
-Affiliate marketing

I did a little bit of everything.

Anything legal to make money, I was all for it.

Fast-forward to 2017 and I finally saw a little bit of light.

I started flipping things on Craigslist.

Then I started growing it into something bigger.

Before long I was making 2-3k a month.

I had the money to breathe...

Then came 2018-2019 I started finding out what I really wanted to do.

Doing everything from event management to helping my client become a best-selling author.

I started cultivating my skillset deeper.

Because my end goal was making online income.

So I could travel and live abroad.

My offline income from flipping was just to help me get there faster.

2019 I Finally Got Serious...

It was 6 months into 2019 I "finally got serious".

Paid off 11k worth of debt.

And moved abroad.

Even though I've been working for this since 2014, I still feel like I'm just beginning.

This drives me every single morning.

I wake up ready to prove myself and make magic happen.

So as I write this to you from Eastern Europe.

I wanna let you know something...

Anything you want from this life is possible.

You just have to be willing to feel crazy, be told to get serious, and be willing to find your way.

This may mean floating around feeling lost for years.

Feeling doubtful and wondering why in the Hell you can't just be normal.

However - if you can outlast the doubt and keep pushing.

You will come out on the other end with what you want.

What you want will soon be yours my friend.

Just keep pushing.

- Dylan Madden

PS: There are 4 spots left to work 1 on 1 with me with Ultimate Side Hustle Blueprint. You will get added to a special chat group and have access to me privately.

All you pay for is the price of the course. Then message me to be added to our group.
Pain is a cue. Feel the pain and reflect on why you feel it.

Then and only then can you embrace the pain causing it to vanish.

Meaning: Pain is all psychological.

You’re low on money? Nothing in your reality has changed. But in your mind you feel worthless, desperate, and anxious.

You get into an argument with someone? You feel anger, anxiety, or a host of other emotions inside of your mind.

Everything in your life is psychological.

Remember this today.

No matter the situation always remember unless someone’s got a gun to your face, most things in life are psychological.

If you simply calm your mind and direct it with purpose you can mold reality.

We will talk again soon.
I spent an hour on the phone with a fellow MoneyBag member.

Smart guy.

We talked about reprogramming his mind and moving abroad.

I’ll be speaking with more of you one on one moving forward.

Be like Chris and show you’re taking action. Then let’s talk and see how you can take things up 500 levels.

Make today great!
Once MoneyBag group hits 200 members I’m closing access to this group. As I want to keep things tight and efficient.

If you’re MoneyBag you are...

-mastering your mind
-imprinting yourself on reality instead of just going about your day in a daze
-and working on becoming financially independent in 2020

More coming soon.
Keep up the great work fellows MoneyBags! No excuses just results.
Your mind is programmed by the movies you watch.

The music you listen to.

And even the conversations have going on around you.

If you’re looking to program your own mind, check out the audio below.

It’s called TERMINATE:
For the last 4 days I have been experimenting with Subconscious commands. The reason I started running this experiment is because I was updating my "how to brainwash yourself" article.

I'd been hearing of people using audio brainwashing to...
eradicate their anxiety
program their minds to overcome blockages
rewiring their minds for success
and all around improving their outlook on life
And since I had dabbled with programing my mind while I slept. I decided to give it an actual go. As I can't tell you about how to brainwash yourself unless I've heavily dived into the various ways.

It was around that time a reader of mine asked if I had tried something called Terminate.

Funny enough I had been looking at that program.

So I bought it and told him I'd give him an update.

It's funny how when you put your mind to something, life seems to throw you in the right direction.

As of now I've been listening to Terminate for 20 minutes in the morning.

While I eat my food in the middle of the day.

And then right before bed.

It's a simple audio you can listen to while getting ready for work, in the car, or on your lunch break. Since you don't need to watch it or read.

You just put in your earbuds, press play, and go about your day.


So far I've noticed my stress levels are almost nonexistent.

Even though I'm working with a 6-figure product launch, dealing with diplomats, all while doing my regular things on a day to day basis.

First thing in the morning I listen to it while I catch up on emails.

And I've noticed a certain sense of mental clarity for 2 hours afterwards.

Then after lunch I usually get tired, but my energy has been much higher.

And at night I find myself waking up the next morning even more motivated.

This is just the beginning.

As I've used brainwashing to completely rewire my brain all ready.

Allowing me to drop from 260 to 170.

To view money differently allowing me to live abroad.

And now I'm rewiring my brain with this 20-minute audio to finish the job.

Anyways I'll be doing a post on C&C once my experiment is finished.

In the meantime I highly recommend you check out Terminate.

Listen to it first thing in the morning and then at night.

You're going to be brainwashed regardless

So you may as well brainwash yourself.


Your friend,

Dylan Madden