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Monero Dollar (XMRD) is a secure, private, untraceable Stablecoin. For inquiries contact
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Monero Dollar is a stable, decentralized crypto-currency. It is collateralized by TUSD or DAI.


Monero Dollar (XMRD) is a USDT/DAI-pegged stablecoin built on the Monero blockchain technology, and has no centralized authority. It is a collateral-backed cryptocurrency with a stable value compared to TUSD / DAI. We believe that to realize the full potential of blockchain technology, stable digital assets such as XMRD are necessary. Unlike other Stablecoins, XMRD is completely decentralized and private.

Users can loan XMRD by depositing TUSD or DAI in our portal. This will serve as a collateral. If the user wants the collateral back, they must return the XMRD, and the system will return the TUSD or DAI.

Monero Dollar is based on the Monero blockchain technology

1. Proof of Work ( POW)
2. Decentralized Blockchain
3. Privacy Stable Coin
4. Value is pegged to TUSD / DAI ( 1 XMRD =
1 TUSD / 1 DAI )
5. Block Rewards per Block: 0.5 XMRD
6. Coin Ticker: XMRD
7. Algo RandomX
Monero Dollar is stable loan cryptocurrency with an emphasis on private transactions.

Monero Dollar uses cryptography to protect the sending and receiving addresses and the transaction amounts. Many current cryptocurrencies have transparent blockchains, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, where transactions are freely verifiable and traceable by anybody in the world. In addition, sending and receiving addresses for these transactions may be connected to the real-world identity of an individual.

The transactions in Monero Dollar are confidential and cannot be traced.

By default, each Monero Dollar transaction hides the amount and the address while sending and receiving the token. This confidentiality also ensures that the operation of each Monero Dollar client enhances the privacy of all other users. It also hides the IP addresses of the sender and the receiver, unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies where you can trace the location of the sender and the end user. Monero blocks the IP addresses of the transactors and also provides additional protection against network monitoring.

Monero Dollar is an electronic cash system that enables quicker, cheaper transactions to and from anywhere in the world.

With Monero, multi-day retention periods do not occur, and there is no chance of fraudulent payment. It is free from 'capital controls' - the interventions that, in countries with economic instability, restrict the flow of traditional currencies, sometimes to an extreme degree.
Monero Dollar is a cryptocurrency that relies on proof-of-work mining to achieve distributed consensus. Users who mine the Monero Dollar receive 1 Monero Dollar per block. These rewards are backed by the fees earned from exchanging cryptocurrency to Monero Dollar and vice versa. Thus the fees will be used to balance the collateral for the block rewards, and it will also be used as additional rewards for the miners from the Monero Dollar mining pool. This will result in a healthy ecosystem for the Monero Dollar.
1. All transactions are private and untraceable by anyone.
2. Every Monero Dollar is backed by TUSD or DAI.
3. Almost Zero transaction fee.
4. 100% Decentralized, unlike other stable coins. This means no one controls Monero Dollar.
Update Swap Release:
Sorry from the Team for the small release delay. The team is facing a few issues with the backend and frontend connection from our swap connectors. We are with high pressure on it to fix the issues very soon.