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Moeco is a decentralized platform designed to provide global IoT connectivity.
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Moeco delivers various kinds of intelligence and data using a variety of small and low-cost devices that combine different sensing functions. Learn about the types, use cases and benefits of the #SmartSensors from this article by AVSystem.
Three intense and fun months of the #Urbantech program resulted in the #DemoDay19, the final event. Over 200 guests came to listen to startups presenting their solutions!

Being part of UrbanTech has been of immense value for Moeco. It helped us to connect with many Danish companies, set priorities for our product development, and test a fantastic solution addressing our partners’s needs. And we also got many new friends – our fellow startups Anyware Solutions, Catenda, Foobot, NEXT Energy Tech, OrxaGrid Ltd, powerfox, PurCity, RYSTA, and SAALG. Congratulations on completing the program!

We thank UrbanTech & Rainmaking team, Danish Architecture Center and VELUX for this exciting opportunity to work together and to get to know #Denmark!
No doubt the connected world of the internet of things is evolving at a great pace. Let's try to take a peek into the future and see what the #IoT world is going to look like a year from now. Here are the top 5 IoT #technology trends that most likely will increase their presence in 2020.
A construction project is an amalgam of hundreds of processes, participants, and products so it is no wonder that they rarely go to plan. Two related streams of emerging technology, #IoT and #blockchain, are developments that could unlock capability and productivity, driving the construction industry towards better efficiency. Read more about use cases where #construction can benefit from using the new technologies.
Predictive maintenance primarily involves foreseeing breakdown of the system by detecting early signs of failure. It ensures smooth operation and helps to avoid a possible downtime of machinery. Moeco offers a simple an affordable solution to monitor the condition of the equipment. Low-cost, non-intrusive Moeco sensors come in various form-factors and can be installed with no retrofitting. Learn about the advantages of #PredictiveMaintenance in this article.
The City of Boston launched a revolutionary project calling for all new city-owned buildings to reach #NetZero by 2050. A net-zero energy development creating a community that is more healthy, comfortable, resilient, and environmentally sustainable. The net-zero area is a canvas upon which we can demonstrate buildings that are better equipped to play a role as a resource rather than strictly a consumer, in a push toward net-zero cities and a carbon-free future.
Smart cities across Europe are pioneering various sorts of cutting-edge technologies: IoT, distributed ledger technology (DLT), 5G and AI. Europe dominates the rankings and is expected to be home to more than 30 smart cities by 2025. Read how technology helps to significantly increase the resource and energy efficiency, improve sustainability and reduce gas emissions in the European urban areas.

Blockchain has the potential to streamline certain processes within the food industry, helping to maintain the highest safety standards and quality. The most common use of #blockchain in food and supply chains is to improve traceability. It enables companies to quickly track unsafe products back to their source, which can help reduce the risk of foodborne illness and the cost of produce contamination.
The Internet of Things is what lies behind the smart cities, industry 4.0, and the factories of the future. Overwhelmed by the countless use cases and connections, decision-makers are often unable to see the full potential for their businesses. This article features some of the proven strategies with realistic growth opportunities.
Singapore — the smartest city in the world, the inaugural IMD #SmartCity Index showed. The survey studied how well cities are adopting digital technologies and improving the lives of the people who live there. Take a sneak peek on seven technological advancements that brought #Singapore to the top of the list.
Ready to tread an #IoT path? Make sure you learn from the best and get insights from this article where Nemertes Research Group shows the results of the study of how about 400 companies in the world deployed IoT technology. The report includes tips and tricks, necessary steps, and the most common fields where IoT is becoming an industry standard. Measure your success by revenue generated, costs saved or business process optimized.
A #SmartGrid opens the door to new applications with far-reaching social and economic impact. To make cities smart, the reliance of digitalization and the effective management of data is crucial. Smart grids contribute to this model by making the utility supply of respective services modern, data enriched, and, most of all, efficient. This article helps to understand what a smart grid is and how related technologies help utilities to optimize their operations.

The buzz around ‘smart factories’ has been around for a while now. Basically, a #SmartFactory is a facility where machinery and systems are linked together allow for industrial equipment to learn and adapt their processes. Here IoT For All explores what a Smart Factory is and how it can become a reality.
The Industrial Internet of Things goes beyond proof of concept and into wider adoption and deployment across a whole host of industries. A survey by #IIoT giant Microsoft found that 85% of companies have at least one IIoT use case project. This number will increase, as 94% of respondents said they will implement IIoT strategies in the future. pulled together a list of the top 10 IIoT solutions in the coming 2020.
As technology continues to become more advanced, we’re going to see a world where IoT touches every aspect of our lives, creating a more connected and productive society. In this article, IoT For All gathered a few examples of how #IoT is improving our lives today, and it will be exciting to see where it will bring us in the future.
The potential benefits of IoT are significant, but the growth of IoT makes it increasingly challenging to ensure a consistently reliable network infrastructure. This article outlines how business requirements affect IoT network build, takes a deep dive into specific IoT architecture, and explores successful ways of technology adoption.
Take a look at this new Global IoT Connectivity Solutions Market research and forecast 2019-2025, in which Moeco got profiled in the list of key players. The study provides an in-depth analysis of the industry along with growth opportunities, and a comprehensive assessment of the market. Using this information, decision-makers can plan their business strategies.
Ten years ago, #SmartCities were predicted to be just around the corner. Urban planners, technologists, and city leaders made glorious promises of driverless shuttles, connected street lights, super-resilient energy grids, smart electric meters. After a decade, let's take a look at what worked and what didn't.
Adopters of #IoT recognize its potential, but most organizations looking to implement IoT want to know how to make this process smooth. In this article, IoT For All explains what the key challenges are and how can they be managed.
Moeco wishes everyone a Happy Holiday season!

Every success requires effort, and this year of hard work proved it once again. In the past year, Moeco gained a great deal of experience resulted in a variety of partnerships, achievements, and pilots. We’d like to thank everyone for being with us throughout this time. May the coming year bring you happiness and joy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!