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15 minutes before the fall of Facebook, an anonymous writer wrote that social networks will soon fall and this is just the beginning.
The data of more than 1.5 billion Facebook users are now being traded on a popular hacking forum. There are names, emails, phone numbers, locations, genders and id.
// This is unconfirmed information.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost $ 6.6 billion. In this regard, he dropped to 6th place in the list of billionaires, according to Forbes.
We have news! Added a download section, where the purchaser of a hardware wallet can always download the latest up-to-date version!
Super news! We have added 8 banks in Croatia and 3 international payment services!
Another 4 Croatian banks are under development and will appear within a few months. (the work is on the side of the banks themselves)
BTC's market capitalization reached $1 trillion, putting it ahead of Facebook or Tesla
In the coming weeks, Binance is launching a fund to support its Binance Smart Chain Network. $500 million will be there to support startups and an incubation program. Andddddd.... just within a few weeks, we will have a payment terminal application for accepting cryptocurrencies in regular stores around the world (starting from the Czech Republic), which will also work on the Binance smart chain platform! It turned out very conveniently by timing and we will try to send an application for funding from Binance :)

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The Swiss expert group 2b4ch wants to collect 100.000 signatures in the next time, so that a referendum on the possession of state reserves can be held and BTC added to gold.
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Metamask wallet cannot be restored on another device.
There is a high probability of losing all cryptocurrency.

People are losing a lot of money. So once again advice, never rely on a 12-16 word mnemonic. Private key only.

The community cannot properly implement mnemonic coding and it differs from company to company, sometimes even from developer (person) to developer. An address issued by one encryption algorithm through a 12-word mnemonic on another software can give you a completely different private key. Result: loss of funds.

Use our service , there you are always given a private key. Always.

If you have a private key, you have control over the funds. If you do not have a private key - 1000 and 1 problem may arise on the way to the disposal of your funds.
U.S. regulators are beginning to see how banks could hold cryptocurrencies.
Squid game. Hype coin with zero fundamental. It dropped today by -100% in a few seconds.
The binance smart chain is temporarily down in the wallet. Presumably it will work in an hour.
Panetta (ECB): The ECB may legalize the digital euro as a means of payment in the Eurozone within two years.
The American company Robinhood, which offers its clients the opportunity to trade stocks and exchange-traded funds, has been hacked. It is known that the attackers gained access to the personal information of approximately 7,000,000 customers.
Hundreds of clients of the Binance crypto exchange lost their accounts and ended up owing thousands of dollars.

Customers noted that a year or more ago they sent some amount of Dogecoin currency to the address of the exchanger to withdraw dollars. The operation was successful then, and they safely forgot about it. However, due to the failure, the exchange considered that the money had not been sent, and left information about it hanging in the system.

This data was in it until the Dogecoin released its update this year. As soon as this happened, the platform immediately performed a repeat transfer, and Dogecoin was written off again. However, over the year they have risen in price 100 times, so the owners of blocked accounts at the moment became large debtors.

Clients cannot somehow influence the exchange: Binance does not have not only a license, but also a legal entity. Survey: 25% of Australian crypto users aged 18-59 plan to buy crypto as a Christmas present.
Our hardware wallet can now be paid with cards (Visa, Mastercard). Payment is instant. Digital copy - no need to wait for the postage.
India may launch a digital rupee pilot as early as 1Q 2021.
China is considering creating an exchange for digital assets to further promote the digital yuan.