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Only 2 days left till the end of Mirocana Token Sale!
You can purchase MIRO right now by following this link - https://app.mirocana.com

Token Sale bonuses:
from 500 to 10 000 MIRO - get 15% MIRO.
from 10 000 to 50 000 MIRO - get 20% MIRO.
from 50 000 to 100 000 - get 25% MIRO.
from 100 000 and more - 30% MIRO.

Buy MIRO with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Credit card.

We remind you also about our invitation program. https://steemit.com/artificialintelligence/@mirocana/mirocana-invitation-program.
Invite your friend and get 5% bonus from his purchase.

Also we released Mirocana Alpha prototype.
This is actually the Mirocana Alpha 1.0.
Learn more in our steemit - https://steemit.com/trading/@mirocana/alpha-prototype-released
Mirocana Token Sale is almost over - 24 hours left!

Thank you so much, friends! With your help we've got:
- 2,275,985 $
- 1192 MIRO token holders

To answer on your support we have thrown all our efforts to launch earlier:
- Oanda integration
- Mirocana Alpha prototype
- Bittrex connection

You still can have an opportunity to become a part of our ecosystem and contribute in it's development:
- bonuses up to 30%!
- invitation program https://steemit.com/artificialintelligence/@mirocana/mirocana-invitation-program

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Learn more about Mirocana integration with Bittrex exchange in our steemit - https://steemit.com/artificialintelligence/@mirocana/mirocana-integration-with-bittrex
Last chance to buy MIRO tokens! Follow the link https://app.mirocana.com and get bonuses up to 30%! Only 40 minutes left, don't miss it!
For questions - @mirocana in Telegram.
Dear friend!
Mirocana project finished one of its first development step - Token Sale. Thank you so much for support and interest in details you demonstrated! It is always great to create something new, especially when you know that people need that. 
We hope, that we've created a strong and supportive community that will grow together with the growth of our system.
As you know we have a great future ahead! The whole system with all of the products and platforms will fully work by the end of 2018. 
For now - let's sum up the results of Mirocana Token Sale:

Total amount of attracted funds: $2,9 mln
Token-holders: 1405 

Starting from today we begin to work more active and harder to create the products, that will make a revolution in financial markets!

P.S. Please, be careful! Some people intend to sell our tokens from hand to hand. Don't be fooled by this!
MIRO tokens will be listed and available to trade on exchanges within one month after the Token Sale.
Hello dear Mirocana friends!
We made a great job together, worked hard and became a strong community! Thanks a lot.
Mirocana Team goes on vacation till the 8th of January.
We wish you great holidays and a very Happy New Year🎄
Attention, dear Mirocana users. The work is in process and we are ready to give you some updates.
1. Everyone who is mining now will get tokens once a week. The speed of the process isn't high.
2. Tokens will be distributed within 2 weeks starting from this one.
3. We've got new employees due to the fact that our project attracts great specialists. We will start to introduce them and share with you in our @mirocana_news and here.
4. Bounty tokens will be distributed too, approximately within following days.
Hello friends! We are happy to present you our new great developer in the Mirocana Team.

Alexander Kouprin - an ACM-ICPC World Finals bronze medalist who brings lots of expertise in algorithms, core optimization and building stable high-loaded systems to the Mirocana Team. Focused on system design and finding efficient technical solutions, the experience comes from 5+ years in software depelopment engineering with VK.com, Yandex and MemSQL.

Welcome aboard!
Dear Mirocana bounty participants!

More than a month ago we've asked you to fill in the final spreadsheet. Majority of you haven't done it yet. We can't wait for you.
Counting is over so today everyone who filled the application earlier will get MIRO tokens on their accounts.

Best regards!
Hello, dear friends!
Two Factor Authentication now can be enabled in your Mirocana account settings section. We would suggest everyone to activate it to ensure safe access to your account. Please, notice that you can lose access to your account if you lose the secret key that is used to generate one-time 6 digit codes.