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⭐️ 6 Great features of Mineitor

🛡Remote Browser: Modify your crypto farm settings from anywhere, your ASIC's web panel now can be accessed from outside of your local network in the most secure way.

Scheduled tasks: No more need to be always on your farm, schedule different configurations, and settings to be applied automatically by Mineitor.

🔖Bulk Edit: You can bulk edit all your mining devices with just a click of a button.

🛎 Being aware: Get notifications in case of miners disconnection, overheat, fan speed problems, and get alerted with unusual environment (temperature/humidity/smoke) events detected on your crypto farm. Mineitor supports push notifications, SMS, and Telegram messages.

📊Statistics: Get detailed information about farms and the device's live data and history.

📬24/7 chat: Our tech support will help you with any questions you have on the website live chat.

Happy New Year From Mineitor
Monitoring and Management Tool for Braiins OS
Usually in large farms with a huge number of miners, each with a different brand and model. It's difficult to manage them because the user must constantly switch between programs.
One of the most serious problems of the Braiins operating system is the inability to monitor and manage miners in batch mode. As a result, users must make adjustments to miners one at a time.
Mineitor software, on the other hand, solves this issue for Braiins OS users. Mineitor has a feature that allows users to manage several miners with a single click. You can see all brands in one place, grouped together, regardless of what their brands are.
Read more here: https://mineitor.com/blog/our-blog-1/post/monitoring-and-management-tool-for-braiins-os-55
Want to keep an eye on employees?
Are you struggling with hashrate stealing on your farm?
Mineitor is more than just monitoring software. It can also help with security. Mineitor is an all-in-one replacement for the remote monitoring and management solutions available out there, with a new method that keeps security in mind. So just removing other remote tools, closing ports, and using Mineitor will improve your farm security.

Mineitor and Vnish are working together to help customers manage several miners in batch mode. You can see all the brands in one place, grouped together, and apply various settings and configurations in a more secure way.
The most significant advantage of using this feature is that your Mineitor subscription will be free.
For each device in your farm that is using our firmware, you will get two free device subscriptions for Mineitor.
Read more about the features:
To increase accessibility and convenience, Mineitor provides a feature to create a customized dashboard, which helps users choose what they want to get the desired data in a useful way.
There are different widgets available to create a customized dashboard to easily monitor all the data that you want. which is very useful for use on a big screen and monitoring wall.
Want to access the device web panel remotely?
With Mineitor it is possible to access the device web panel remotely. All miners' information is visible from the Mineitor panel. And also you can apply different settings and configs in a more secure way.
Mineitor allows you to access your device's web panel with only one click from the Mineitor Dashboard, but in a more secure way than before.
Our tutorial videos are now available on youtube!
In large farms with a high number of miners, the devices are always working. They could be damaged and need to be repaired. Or they even need to be periodically cleaned and serviced. So maintenance is very important in mining farms management.
we'll explain how to manage maintenance tasks In this article:
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Announcement of Mineitor's three features🎉🎉
1. Blink feature
2. Change the password of miners individually or in groups.
3. Auto-discover miners
Read more: https://mineitor.com/blog/mineitor-blog-1/post/announcement-of-mineitor-s-three-features-69
🎉Mineitor offers new amazing features🎉
-Get Pool Hashrate details of the desired farm
-New reports in the widget section
1. Hashrate based on brands
2. Hashrate based on models
Read more: https://mineitor.com/blog/mineitor-blog-1/post/mineitor-offers-new-amazing-features-70#scrollTop=0