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​​Infrastructure of MiMiner hosting center

The innovative infrastructure of the #hostingcenter consists of many independent stand-alone mining modules based on mobile containers.⠀

What gives this engineering solution?

flexibility in capacity
reduced construction costs
progressive commissioning of new modules
​​What is the difference between Miminer and Cloud Mining?

✔️ Transparency⠀
Mining Center MiMiner is a project with its own infrastructure specialized for placing client equipment⠀

✔️ The miner is the property of the client
MiMiner' customers own specific equipment with their serial numbers - the electronic log of each equipment operation is filled.⠀

✔️ Low prices for hosting⠀
MiMiner customers pay competitive low rates for hosting - from 4.04 to 10.35 ¢ per kWh, depending on the presence or absence of tokens, as well as the number of installed equipment.⠀
Due to the volumes and competent infrastructure design, we managed to optimize the costs to a minimum and offer you the best prices on the market today.⠀
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​​The second publication in our series #aboutMiMinerTeam!

Let's talk about second Nikolai - it is Nikolai Kachin!⠀
🔸Talanted designer and expert.⠀
🔸The creator of the design of our sites miminer.com and ico.miminer.com.⠀
🔸Work experience in IT more than 7 years
Find out more on our facebook page
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​​History of MiMiner

Four years ago, the inspirer of our project tried his hand at mining.
He bought the first equipment. In addition to the equipment, he got a typical set of problems:

Where is the cheap electricity?
How progressive to cool?
How to minimize noise?

But all these problems do not even arise if you give the right answer to the most important question: WHERE to PUT the miner?

There are several popular ways to solve the problem:

🔸home mining
all who have tried, know that such a decision is not the best, because the equipment radiates a lot of heat and makes noises

🔸cloud mining
opens a vast space for scammers, cause you don’t know the equipment’s model, serial numbers, mining pool or even location of the farm

🔸self built farms
high costs - require experts, legal registration of company involving expenses and risk arising from it

🔸third-party hosting
there is a deficit on the market, demand exceeds supply

We tried to place our equipment on third-party services and make sure that their capabilities are not enough:
loss of time between purchase and launch
high cost of electricity

We decided that we can do better!

There was an idea to make own hosting center in which all costs would be minimized.
Gradually, the idea grew into a goal, a team of like-minded people and specialists was formed who are now working on the MiMiner project.

🔅Our goal is to make mining accessible to everyone!🔅

Service MiMiner is suitable for both experienced users and beginners.
1. Experienced users can reduce risks. No need to look back at the maximum permissible network load - when using the MiMiner service with tokens, you can set the required number of miners at the lowest price, based on the free capacity of the service.
2. If you are a beginner and do not have special knowledge and experience, the MiMiner hosting center is the best option. Our specialists will install, adjust your equipment and will monitor its work around the clock.

The available tariffs for electricity make it possible to increase the marginality of mining.

We ourselves develop technological and software products for solving problems in today's rapidly changing market.

❗️You can learn more from the WhiteBook on ico.miminer.com

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​​What is the project life cycle of the farm? How is this value calculated?⠀

MIT tokens are provided by the capacities of the MiMiner Mining Center.⠀
The Mining Center is a whole complex of buildings, facilities, premises, as well as a substation for its equipment, including power and low-current wiring, racks, electrical equipment, etc.-everything that is "up to the electrical outlet".⠀
Terms are calculated based on the service life of the main buildings and facilities - 49 years.⠀

How to get MIT tokens?⠀⠀⠀⠀
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​​What pools does MiMiner use?
Now MiMiner is testing a few pools. The best of their will be announced at Mining stage.
The first time will be mining only four coins: BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH. But the list will increase in the future
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​​Tariffs of MiMiner hosting center⠀

For example, you want to place 5 miners - it's a tariff "Start"⠀

1. if you haven't got MIT - you will pay 10.35 cent/kWh⠀

2. if you have rented MIT - you will pay 6.32 cent/kWh⠀

3. if you have MIT - you will pay 4.04 cent/kWh⠀

Get tokens for free! Take part in Bounty Campaign!⠀

How to get MIT tokens?⠀
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​​PreSale is started!⠀

Hurry to buy 1 token for $1!⠀
Until the end of PreICO 55 days!⠀

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​​The benefits of using tokens

Token holders have many advantages, unlike other users⠀

In particular:⠀

💎 use the capacities of the MiMiner Mining Center in the ratio 1MIT = 1W with the lowest pay⠀

💎 tokens will be used in future projects of MiMiner (In particular energy supply and generation energy systems)⠀

💎 tokens holders will become the owners of the subsequent released tokens⠀

The increase in project capacity leads to an increase in the number of tokens in holders in direct ratio. If the capacity of the project increases by 2 times, the number of your tokens will grow 2 times, respectively⠀

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​​Is MiMiner legal?
Someone gets tokens for cryptocurrency and fiat, others for Bounty and Airdrop.
A person who wants to buy tokens must go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification procedure of an existing verified wallet or create a new wallet and go through the KYC procedure.
Anyone can become an investor, with the exception of people residing in the United States, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the US Virgin Islands and other dependent territories of the United States in accordance with the Token sale agreement.

Sum & Substance is engaged in collecting and processing of personal data.
Sum & Substance is the absolute leader in this field. MiMiner does not save personal data and does not have access to it.

MiMiner wants to build a system in which people can use tokens and perform maintenance operations legally.

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​​Users buying tokens in the ICO have some advantages, unlike other buyers.

In particular, they have priority right to place their equipment in the MiMiner hosting center. Equipment of tokens holders will placed in turn. It depends on the time of purchase.

And other advantage is a 50% discount on MIT tokens on PreICO.

You can get tokens fo free.

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​​About MiMiner containers

The innovative infrastructure of the MiMiner hosting center consists of many independent stand-alone mining modules, based on mobile containers

Experienced miners know that standart containers sea type have many shortcomings.

When developing the MiMiner containers, our engineers took into account all the subtleties and calculated the optimal characteristics for the mining modules.

🔅 No condensation
Materials of multilayer wall chose such that at the container will not formed condensation
🔅 Innovation system supply and exhaust of air.
In cold time the system gives additional supply of warm air in the cold aisle .
🔅 Raised floor
Containers made with raised floor for organization of cold aisle and hold communication.
🔅 Fireproof materials
Metal corpus of container is a good conductor of electricity and warm.
MiMiner's container is thermally insulated and covered fireproof material.
🔅 Fireproof system
Containers are equipped with fireproof system with dielectric fluids production of 3M.
🔅 The lean-to roof
Additional roof of MiMiner's container equip lean-to with big eaves. This construction is protecte from sun and rainfall - wich are destructive for equipment.
🔅High quality of components and materials
All materials and components wich used in the containers are high quality and secure

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​​MiMiner's Road map. October 2018

🔹involvement and training of specialists in such areas as marketing, advertising, attendance
🔹participation in events related to our business on a regular basis,
arrangement of meetings with investors
🔹development of software and additional functions of service
🔹transition from designing into building
🔹installation of transformers, power lines, mobile modules for equipment
🔹signing agreements

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​​How many times can I invest in the ICO period?

There is no limit on the number of transfers, the only difference is in time. The queue for the placement of equipment will be taken from your last payment.

How to get MIT tokens fo free?⠀

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​​Passive income!

We write a lot about the features of the MiMiner infrastructure project,
about frequent questions and benefits.
But still haven't talked about important topic - the issue of passive income.

There are 3 main options for using the MiMiner project

1. Purchase of tokens for their subsequent renting without installation of equipment
2. Placement of your equipment on the service miner
3. Purchase of equipment from MiMiner and placement on the service

The last two equipment placement options can be divided to 3 more categories:
🔸placement with your own tokens,
🔸with leased tokens
🔸without tokens.

For starters, let's talk about passive income by buying tokens and rent out them

How many tokens do you need to have in order to receive about $ 1000 per month as passive income?

❗️Important points:

🔺your income will grow in proportion to the introduction of new capacities

🔺you can choose one of the rates for which you want to rent out tokens

🔺you can choose several rates at the same time for which you want to take, in this case the probability of renting all tokens increases

🔺the service cannot guarantee that all your tokens will be rented

To generate income of $ 1000 per month, you need to have about 70 thousand MiMiner tokens.

Other options we will analyze in the near future, follow the publications!

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​​Pre-ICO financial information

What is the size of Soft and Hard cap at Pre-ICO?
At Pre-ICO prise of 1 MiMiner token is 1 USD

Soft cap PreICO: 800 000 MIT = 800 000 USD
Hard cap PreICO: 3 000 000 MIT = 3 000 000 USD

Harry to buy tokens with 50% discount!

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​​MiMiner advantages

💎 Technical infrastructure

Original design engineering solutions allow to minimize the costs of maintenance and cooling equipment

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​​What will happen with my outdated and ineffective equipment?

Equipment becomes outdated when it becomes unprofitable.
We send such equipment to the owner if he requests it, else we are guided by the User Agreement.

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​​MiMiner advantages

💎 Service center

The service center saves time on equipment’s maintenance which reduces downtime and technical failures

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