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Are you considering working with us in 2022? Then read below 👇🏻

Our annual promo details will be made available to our subscribers on November 22, 2021 with details being released to the public on December 1, 2021.

As of November 2021 we will only be offering promotions once per year on a first come first serve basis.

We will not be offering any promotions the rest of the year so NOW is the time to join if you want to save!

Subscribers and coaching members will receive early bird access with first come first serve access and LIMITED space per coach!

To sign Up as a subscriber please fill out the form on our website otherwise stay tuned here for more details on the 1st!
This recipe is great! High protein and packed full of flavour. A definite favorite for Chilly fall/winter nights
Hey ladies!

Sorry I’ve been MIA.

New job is mental busy, our covid lockdown is all over the place and I’ve just been lacking creativity for you all!

This mental health break has been so necessary, and I’m so motivated to come back stronger for you all. ❤️❤️

When things get hard it’s just showing you that you’re evolving and the next level of your adventure. Taking a few minutes to reset before diving in can basically be the cheat code on how to succeed.

Much love ladies, and excited for this level with you all!
This is so yummy and easy. I think kids would love it because it's a bit sweet. Let me know what you gals think!
Our Year End Promo is now live!

Please follow the link to our website and read through the promo description carefully.

Promotional codes for each coach are as follows:

Space is limited per coach and I know that my space is very limited if you are looking to work with me.

Please note that you do not have to start until the new year but you must secure your spot before December 31st.

Happy Fit-MAS! xo
Current CPA Show Dates for 2022

I will post more as they start to pop up but those that are looking for an early spring show, now is the time to hop on board. We would like a minimum or 16 weeks to prep so time is ticking for March. Those looking for later in the fall, it’s a great time to set some goals to bring your ultimate best.

Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic March 26, 2022 New Westminster BC

Vancouver Island Showdown (Open Show) May 7, 2022 Victoria BC

BC Cup (Natural Show) May 21, 2022 Kamloops BC

Vancity Showdown (Open Show) October 8, 2022 Burnaby BC

Vancity Showdown (Natural Show) October 9, 2022 Burnaby BC

WNBF Show Dates for 2022 (All Natural Shows)

Vancouver Naturals May 7, 2022
North Vancouver BC

Edmonton Naturals May 28, 2022

Kelowna Naturals June 18, 2022

Winnipeg Naturals June 25, 2022
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Yesss girl... also you are so cute. Keep sharing the good word