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Memority is a blockchain-based platform for a completely decentralized, ultra-secure storage of valuable data, which ensures the continued availability of several encrypted copies of data on independent storages around the world
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​​Let's talk about distribution of roles for participants in the Memority system. The first type of them are data owners.

Miner is an owner of 10,000 or more tokens, who has applied for mining participation. Miners maintain the functionality of Memority blockchain system.
​​Alexander Shulga, Business Development Advisor. A professional in Sales Management, Development of Sales Tools. Alexander is a Executive Director in Tachcard. He has worked as a Business Manager in UAPAY, a Head of Partnership with the Banks in Renaissance Credit, the Deputy Head of Retail Sales for Private Clients, the Main Economist of Alternative Channels of Sales in Raiffeisen Bank Aval.
​​Memority is the main application for data storage in the system. The MMR-wallet is created at installation. Using the application, can encrypt files, upload files into the storage and download them from it.
At the moment a working alpha version is available.

This is the list of examples of applications, the release of which is planned in the coming months based on Memority platform: File Chain, Turtle and Chain Gallery.
​​Mikael Dumikian, Decentralized Economy Advisor, PhD in International Economics. A professional in Marketing Strategy, SMM, Project and Product Management, E-Commerce. Mikael is a Head of Digital Marketing in Virus Agency and a Marketing Consultant in Peters Lab. He has worked as an SMM Manager and then as a B2B Marketing Manager in BetInvest Ltd.
​​Memority is the main application for data storage in the system. is the first example of application which released on Memority platform.

​​ is a news aggregator that aims to make internet media and celebrities more responsible over what they post. It stores copies of all content they create and puts whatever they edit or delete into the spotlight. Deleted content is stored in Memority’s storages.
​​Eugene Kuznetsov, Blockchain Advisor. A professional in Blockchain, JavaScript, PHP, Payment Systems, Information Security. Eugene is a Software Architect in I-Teco Innovation Center. He has worked as a Software Engineer in Tachcard and Ltd.
​​Hi everyone!

Our ICO has been going on for the past 4 months, during which we’ve achieved a lot to be proud of. About 60 thousand people showed interest to our social media accounts. We’ve made 271 commits on Github and released 6 versions of our app.

We’ve partnered up with Elyland, and later the first Memority-based application got released. We’re currently cooperating with yet another project on Memority platform that will be announced soon.

And finally, we’ve collected a total of $4,7M of funds as investments in our ICO. We really want to keep up the good work and to make our investors happy, so we decided to prolong the ICO until December 1st. We’ll also add 2 more periods to our bounty campaign with additional tokens allocated for them.

This final ICO round will have a 20% bonus on all token purchases and we will also raise the bonus for those who have purchased tokens before. Stay tuned for more big announcements in October!
​​Yuriy Ostrovskiy, Product Marketing Advisor.
Yuriy is a high level professional with more than 8 years of experience in Web Analytics, E-Commerce, Google Ads, SEM and SEO. Yuriy is a Founder of Remarketing Agency, CPO at Clash&GO, Digital Marketing Specialist at Elyland LLC.
​​Alexander Zhilin, Product Marketing Advisor. A professional in Online Advertisement & Marketing, Conversion Optimization. Alexander is a Product Marketing Manager in BetConstruct. He has worked as a Marketing Specialist in BetInvest Ltd., a Head of Marketing in Boomerang Tour.
​​Dear bounty participants!

Due to a minor bug several accounts have received a different amount of tokens, than they were supposed to. We are currently fixing the mistake and evaluating how many accounts were influenced.

We will publish the official statement on Monday. The distribution will also continue on Monday. If you have received less tokens than you were supposed to, don't worry, the rest will be distributed when we continue.

We're very sorry for the inconveniences that you've encountered.
​​Dear bounty participants!

Token distribution continued today. We've fixed the issue with wrong number of tokens being awarded.

For several participants, who have received an increased number of tokens, all extra tokens will be destroyed to be fair towards investors and other fellow bounty participants.

Sorry for the inconveniences you've experienced and thank you for a job well done!
​​Frequently asked questions:

Is distribution over?
Yes, it is. We have sent out tokens to all bounty participants.

Why did I not receive tokens?
It is likely you did not read bounty rules and did not register or never left reports (or left them after bounty was over).
Note: sometimes tokens are not visible in MEW. More on that in the next question.
If you are sure that you followed all the rules but did not receive tokens, please get in touch with @sasha_noch

Why is my token balance 0?
MEW has recently prioritized a different token with the same ticker (EMT) over ours. So when you add our token to the wallet just give it a random ticker (e.g. "Memority"), and you will see your balance correctly and will be able to normally transfer tokens anywhere.

Did you fix the bug with extra tokens being distributed?
Yes, we did, on the second day of distribution. All extra tokens distributed by mistake were immediately destroyed.

Will you destroy more tokens?
No, we will not. It was a one-time action to correct the mistake we made.

When listing?
We have currently halted the ICO because of the situation on the crypto market. We will get back to you with future updates.