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Our worst kept secret, but it is finally here... Verified Creators is released!

We expect this to require a lot of iteration. Both in how it works, but also in how we communicate with creators and how they are rewarded. ,

As the next step, we as a community should try to work together to get as many cards Autographed as possible. I will be posting quests and rewards related to this starting next week.

πŸ–₯ Full info:

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Sunday at 14.00UTC it's time for a new collection to be released! 🚨
marble any location in the world! 🌍

As usual there will be competitions in discord! 🐸 community
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Thanks for an amazing last year! πŸš€
We could not have done it without you. We started the year with an idea of building something great around memes but had no idea it would take us this far. Together we achieved amazing things like, raising money that will keep project going for a long time, bought, got amazing growth on MarbleCards and launched first versions of

This is just the beginning, we are so thrilled to see how far 2022 will take us!

Monthly/Quarterly updates πŸ“™
We will start posting regular summaries here on the the progress of the prject.

Here is a link to the monthly investor focused newsletter;
To be a meme explorer is to help discover and document the story of memes. It's time to start exploring!

Introducing the first Quest:

- Document some of the best Doge NFTs in history!

Earn some sweet rewards, including the chance for Genesis Art! :sir:

πŸ“œ All info here:
Our newest collab with @tryrollhq is here!

The β€˜Abstract Emporium Arena’ now live on

Earn $MEM $WGM and an exclusive @SuperRare piece by WGMeets
We are happy to announce this week is our Birthday Week!

Here what will go down

Wednesday January 19th 2000 UTC

The launch of the collection

Thursday January 20th 2000 UTC

The grand opening event of the new building in Cryptovoxels hosted by The WIP

More info here:
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Our 3rd Anniversary Party is going down in Cryptovoxels!

Co-hosting with The WIP!

Pre-party at 1900 UTC, main event at 2000 UTC.

1900 UTC VJ set by Eclectic Method in our Cryptovoxels Meme Arch.

1930 UTC quests and contests

2000 UTC Talking memes and NFTs with Jamie Burke, Stina Jones, and Robness.

2030 UTC auction and giveaways

Find The WIP party in discord here:

Find our Cryptovoxels Meme Arch here:,81N

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🐸Time for the second meme quest! 🐸

1) Find a meme art NFT with a sale over 0.5 ETH
2) Submit using the instructions here:

Complete the quest to receive:
- Explorer Achievement POAP
- Access to the Genesis Art and $mDOGE raffle

Good luck ✨

πŸ“œ All info here:
πŸŽ‰Super excited about the WIP joining! The WIP is the longest-running metaverse meetup. We have been fans of the WIP for so long, and believe this is a great match. πŸŽ‰

Moving forward we will continue to evolve the metaverse experience spearheaded by the WIP, and how that can be incorporated into the ecosystem!

The WIP will routed through our Discord & we'll be in collaboration w/ WIPs phenomenal team of weirdos to elevate the same WIP you know.


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Monthly Update January 2022

1., launch of the Meme Arch, our home in the metaverse visit at,81N 🏠
2., new meme art from EclecticMethod πŸ–Ό
3. MarbleCards three year anniversary πŸŽ‚
4. The WIP, longest-running metaverse meetup, is joining forces with πŸ₯³

All details in our monthly investor focused newsletter;
New verified creator alert! ⚠️

Professionally trained Contemporary Fine Artist building for 1.5 years in the NFT world! πŸ”₯

Where can you find his art to get autographed? Could be a hunt!

Minimum bid: 50 $MEM

First, fifth and tenth card autographed win 100 $MEM each!

Pako Campo's 'Martians on Marte' arena dropping tomorrow... and will run for 2 weeks!

Add your fienst Pako Campo, alien and Mars cards for your chance to win a slice of the prize pool!

$MEM, $MARTE and original Pako Campo NFTs!

🐦 tweet:

🌲 linktree:
Monthly Update February 2022

1., new meme art releases and increased sales πŸ–Ό
2., raised 3 ETH to support Ukraine buy selling Meme Art πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
3. MarbleCards, launch of Twitter and increased number of Autographed cards ✍️
4. MemeDAO, started to give grants to most active community members πŸ’Έ

All details in our monthly investor focused newsletter;
Trading competition on KuCoin

πŸ”₯ Net Buying Competition: 40,000 USDC to Give Away on KuCoin!

⏰12:00:00 on March 11, 2022 to 12:00:00 on March 18, 2022 (UTC)


KuCoin offers Learn & Earn with

How to enter:
βœ… Read the blog
βœ… Answer the questions in the form:
βœ… Follow @kucoincom & @MemeExplorers on Twitter
βœ… Retweet & tag 3 friends to join
New competition on KuCoin

πŸ”₯ Trade $MEM on KuCoin for your chance to share 40,000 $USDC!

⏰ 10:00:00 on April 6, 2022 to 10:00:00 on April 13, 2022 (UTC)


Monthly Update May 2022

It’s been just a year since was born. We have managed to do a lot of things and have a lot of interesting things planned for the rest of the year. During this and the next quarter focus is on collection of data and gamification of different steps of that process.

For those intersted in the future of listen to this podcasts

All details in our investor focused newsletter; getting started guide
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🐦Twitter: @MemeExplorers
πŸ“¨Telegram: Only used for informing about our active channels Discord and Twitter.

What we do

We are building heuristics for memes. In other words data driven discovery of memes and trends packaged as a exploration game.

Is a collectible card game based on web URLs. Any link you visit can be turned into a Marble card, but only once. Founded in 2018 one of the earlest NFT projects.

β›΅OpenSea collections
Meme Art
Meme Loot

☎️ Contact
All questions for admins or similar please reach out in our Discord.

πŸͺ™MEM / Memecoin
MEM is an ERC20 used on and MarbleCards.
Coingecko link
Circulating supply
More info

🎁Weekly Events/Comeptitions in our Discord

πŸ•ΊThe WIP - Weekly meetup at THURSDAYS 8PM UTC in Discord

Meme Arch, our home in the metaverse