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My mood today, Goodmorning 🤩

Who doesn’t love a rainbow 😍
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JUST IN - SVB Financial Group, parent of Silicon Valley Bank seized by US regulators, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with about $2.2 billion of liquidity.

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4 Year Delta on St Patty’s Day. 🍀👀🍀

What day is today?
How much more obvious can we make it?

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PSA The Hunger Games:

This is not directed at anyone specific just something I’ve noticed since COVID.

About every 3-6 months information is released that there will be food shortages. Incidentally, some releasing this info also sell the military 180 day meal plans 😜

This is the same program as creating a virus and providing a vaccine. Creating a problem and selling a solution 🤔

Amid the false flags, market crash, school shootings….I see this as another way to create fear and detach us from what we really are. Oh BTW you are going to starve…good one

I am all for everybody becoming self sustainable but it’s simply illogical that every American family can buy land and become successful farmers at the drop of a hat. The best way to ensure your plate will be full is to be THANKFUL for what you have 🏆
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So the SVB bank collapse impacts Chinese tech startups that were setup during Covid….Hmm what a shame.
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Biden’s bailout of Silicon Valley Bank helped save the investment flow into China’s sensitive aerospace and defense companies.

We noted over the weekend that Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was the bridge for USD capital investment for Chinese ventures.

The South China Morning Post noted the bridge between SVB and China.
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We are winning big 🏆
To add to Elon’s tweet….

The CIA sends handlers in the form of business partners, best friends, husbands and wives. They collect personal info, study your strengths and weaknesses to use against you.

Notice how quiet Kanye is after getting married. A few months ago he was exposing pedophilia, the Clintons and Khazarian mafia?

Now he is married and shopping at Baalenciaga 🤔🤔
The title should read “Kim Kardashian approves of Kanye’s new wife because she was successful in accessing his MK ultra programming and got him to shut his mouth 👄
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Big Sal is perfect, you just need a good life insurance policy before you get on him 🤗