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It’s common knowledge that vitamin C can help people prevent and recover from a cold or flu. But while any amount of vitamin C helps, most people don’t take enough of it to effectively combat a cold or flu, and many people don’t know which type of Vitamin C is the most helpful. 

Medical Medium Vitamin C Shock Therapy
Medical Medium Zinc Shock Therapy

If you feel like you might have a cold or flu developing, you can use a healing practice I call “zinc shock therapy.” It’s important to begin it as soon as you get your first sign of a cold or flu, such as a tickle or soreness in the throat, feeling rundown and weak, fatigue, fever or aches and pains. It’s important to have a bottle of high-quality liquid zinc sulfate on hand at all times so you have it ready as soon as you feel symptoms coming on.
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Join me on the Medical Medium Podcast, as I reveal the hidden history behind what happened to our eggs and why removing eggs from your diet is critical for healing.

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Brain Meditation - Letting Go Of Fear

As we go through life, our soul becomes injured from betrayal and broken trust, creating fear within us. Fear becomes a part of our soul and gets in the way of who we are and who we aspire to be. Fear hinders the bridge between our soul and our physical brain; this bridge is the connection that allows us to feel safe, trusting, and secure. With this powerful Brain Meditation, you will be able to mend and strengthen the bridge between your brain and soul, and take back your life.

I recommend repeating this meditation daily, every other day, or a couple times a week. Each time you do this meditation, it becomes more powerful in its ability to mend the bridge between your soul and body. This meditation is about taking control of your life and not letting fear run you or own you in any way. Completing this meditation allows the neurons in the emotional center of your brain to strengthen and redirect their messaging away from fear, thus making neurotransmitters and electrical impulses strong and free from the short-circuiting that fear creates.
Bringing this Brain Meditation into your life will help repair the fear and broken trust which holds us back. You can take your life back and heal.
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These days everyone is so worried about what they are putting in their bodies. In the grocery store people are reading the ingredient lists on packages and bottles, people want clean food, farm to table, and freshly caught or harvested foods.
Everyone seems to be an expert on healthy eating and healthy living.
Meanwhile, all these experts are drowning themselves in perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, scented laundry detergents, fabric softeners, scented hair products, so called naturally derived chemical scents, while they’re burning their scented candles. At the same time people are saturating themselves with these chemical based products,
they don’t have a clue on how many patented, poisonous, toxic chemical agents they are exposing themselves to.

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in perfume and cologne?

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in fragrance?