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"These thought-leaders of the right failed to rally, and here we are: the last Trump supporters are being picked off with three months left until the election. Because of the way the information has been so controlled, we are entering into a complete hell based on the hysteria surrounding this virus, a narrative that has run virtually unopposed, due to the censorship."
"The only 'right-wingers' who will continue to be allowed on social media up through the election are the retard fuel neo-Nazis who promote voting for Joe Biden under the claim that 'if things get bad enough the people will finally wake up and become neo-Nazis!' It’s actually possible that the costumed neo-Nazi groups will be allowed to remain in the public view even if Biden wins the election, which would be fascinating. The media and government are probably going to need bad guys in their lunatic psychodrama."
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Terror House Press is pleased to add two new books to its lineup: THE DOCTOR AND THE HERETIC AND OTHER STORIES and BEAUTY AND THE LEAST by Andy Nowicki!

Originally published by Black Oak Media and Hopeless Books in 2011 and 2014, respectively, Terror House is bringing them back.


For a full list of Terror House's upcoming releases, click here:

Dates subject to change.
"What Lowrey is doing is endorsing the full frontal assault on the concept of objective truth, which is very soon going to be viewed with hostility by the mainstream. We’ve already seen this with the blacks, who claim that 'objective truth' is a 'white supremacist concept.'"
"People are generally unimpressed by boastful people, as it tends to denote low character. Constantly asserting yourself as an authority looks bad, even if you are an authority. The most obvious example of this is someone who feels the need to tell you how smart they are. No one thinks that a person who says, 'I’m really smart,' is actually really smart. Men judge other men based on how they perform, and men that perform well while not playing themselves up are always going to come across as more competent than people who feel the need to tell people how good they are at something. Boasting makes a person look insecure."
"If Trump loses, none of this is going to matter, because the Democrats are going to make it so elections don’t do anything. If Trump wins, however, we need to figure out a way to start using the primary system to replace all of these politicians who didn’t do anything. That is the only possible course of action going forward."
"Creating a high availability of drugs in the middle of a crisis, you’re targeting high intelligence white men, getting them on hooked on drugs. This necessarily takes them out of the game. We do not have fentanyl addicts who are out there fighting the good fight."
"The plan is probably to force everything into collapse and then introduce a global digital currency as the solution. The World Economic Forum is currently pushing something they’re calling 'The Great Reset,' a plan to completely upend all existing cultural norms as a response to the coronavirus collapse and replace the entire society with a different society, favored by the ruling elite. This plan will likely involve a new currency."
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PANIC by Benjamin Welton, number one Amazon bestseller in the American Poetry section, will soon be available in audiobook format from Terror House Press! Narrated by the author.

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For more information, check out Welton's appearance on TERROR HOUSE RADIO last month:

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Audiobook release date will be announced soon.