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🔥 Daily Benefit Report
April 03, 2019

➡️ Low Risk: 0.34%

➡️ Medium Risk: 0.60%

➡️ High Risk: 0.85%
💥 We inform that 140 quotas for the week of free per launch, already covered, we appreciate the support and confidence in our project, those who want to try the product can pay the monthly membership and if you do not like our product, when you stop paying the membership is automatically disconnected bot, have a happy day. ❤️
BearBot operates with the martingale system, ie it carries out an operation until a percentage of the balance is reached according to the risk, if this operation is lost, another operation is opened in the same direction but increasing the % of the previous operation, if it is lost again , a new operation is opened increasing the % the previous operation, so the process repeats up to 5 martingales, then if the 5 martigale has also been lost, the operation is completed assuming the loss that would be 20% or 35% or 50% of the capital, therefore it is said that the risk of loss can be 20% or 30% or 50% of the current balance of the account.
🔥 Daily Benefit Report
April 04, 2019

➡️ Low Risk: 1.04%

➡️ Medium Risk: 1.83%

➡️ High Risk: 2.64%
🔥 Daily Benefit Report
April 05 , 2019

➡️ Low Risk: 0%

➡️ Medium Risk: 0%

➡️ High Risk: 0%
🔥 🔥Weekly Benefit Report

➡️ Low Risk: 4.05%

➡️ Medium Risk: 7.19%

➡️ High Risk: 10.36%
👉 We are improving the information of our website, we have placed the statistics accumulated in the month and the benefits of the previous day, that you have a good day. ❤️
🔥 Daily Benefit Report
April 08 , 2019

➡️ Low Risk: 0.01%

➡️ Medium Risk: 0.02%

➡️ High Risk: 0.03%
🔥 Daily Benefit Report
April 09, 2019

➡️ Low Risk: 0.31%

➡️ Medium Risk: 0.54%

➡️ High Risk: 0.77%
🇬🇧 Masterbots statement

As everyone has seen yesterday resulted in losses, even though BearBot has not failed in its operations, this occurred because the Broker has paid a lower percentage in the winning operation, that is when normally a winning operation it is paid between 70% to 80%, in this case 30% has been paid.

Does this affect our strategy?

The bot works by the system of coverage or martingale, that is to say if it loses an operation it opens a new one equal to the previous one increase the value of the bet and it does it until 5 times followed, when paying less percentage the winning operation that is to say 30%, it does not cover the loss of the previous operations, which produces a negative martingale therefore a loss.

This is lawful for the broker, since in their terms and conditions they make it very clear that they do not guarantee the percentage of profit,
for which you can not claim anything, they are the rules of the game.

We have a good product, but we are playing against the broker, who can make this move and make our strategy do not work.

We want to make clear, that this never happened in the months of test made to the bot, which is why it seems very strange to us, that now that we have many accounts performing the same stripe, it happens.

So Masterbot has decided:

1) We want to be responsible with investment of our users and we decided to stop the operation of the bot with this broker.

2) Search for other alternatives of brokers and perform the necessary tests, we know that Binary is one of the best in binaries and we have a difficult task.

3) Reimburse the full amount in btc of the memberships paid so far.

4) Important: for this you must add your BTC wallet in your profile to receive the refund. The withdrawals will be made on 04-13-2019.

5) Offer a month of free membership at the re-launch of Masterbots to all users who have paid their membership.

We regret this situation very much, but it escapes our hands.

We already appreciate the support provided.

We have sent the return of all membership, only 2 people have not placed their wallet btc, we hope they do it soon.

Greetings Masterbots Team

Dear friends, after a long time of work Masterbots arrives with 4 new products for the Forex market.

We have launched 2 free indicators for monitoring MT4 accounts for Windows, one of them, the Drawdown Alert, this indicator sends an alert when your account reaches the percentage that you can adjust the indicator and the second is the Margin Alert, This indicator also sends an alert when your account reaches the margin percentage that you adjust to the indicator, these alerts can be configured as a popup alert on your MT4, email alert or alert press your mt4 of your mobile.

We also have 2 Bots for the Forex market, Raptor Bot and Trezor Bot.

Raptor is a grid type bot, which performs coverage and allows you to automatically work on buying and selling, partial coverage movements, which greatly improves the margin percentage and account reduction, we have backtest from 2010 to 2019 in a large number of pairs.

Trezo is a martingale style bot, which makes the coverage and makes a total closing of the martingale, this bot allows you to work with only sale, only purchase or purchase and simultaneous sale, we also have a large amount of backtest in different pairs.

We have thought of the people who recommend our products, for them we offer 50% commission for the purchase made by any of its direct affiliates, you do not need to have any product to recommend them, you will be paid your commission without having to buy it.

The commissions are paid every day in automatic Friday to the btc wallet that you indicate in your profile and we do not charge you any commission for the withdrawal or shipment.

You can enter our website and your office to see in detail all the news and we appreciate the wait.

Masterbots team
RAPTOR BOT GBP-USD 2003-2019 M5.pdf
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MasterBots Raptor & Trezor Statistics Myfxbook