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We're launching a new cryptocurrency exchange platform this New Year's Eve!
Dear users,

Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

We’re reaching out to give you an incredible news, that you’ve been longing for. But, before we jump in to the news. Masscoinex’s, entire team would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for supporting us for what we were and with what we had, and we truly are ever so grateful that it is impossible for us to explain in words or even with gratitude.

Masscoinex’s, journey has been a roller coaster ride. Despite all, you have stood by our side and supported us like a family which meant a lot to us. It is because of you Masscoinex has been able to sustain for so long, and that is why it is our time to show our gratitude by fulfilling your demands.

We remember, those days when some of our users used to chat with our customer support for hours by presenting their valuable ideas for our platform enhancements and that used to cheer us so much that, if we had a magic wand we get it done instantly. But with a limited funding and racing in between the fastest horses, it took us a while before we were able to catch-up, and today we are one of those fastest horse. Again it is because you stood by our side, and we thank you!

Having said that, this would be to your surprise that all these years the ideas that you have been sharing for our platform enhancements we had it all noted down and guess what, we built it. We built an exclusive, sophisticated and a robust platform for you with all your ideas, request and demands.

Wait is now over launching this New Year’s Eve, January 1, 2020, mark your calendars and get ready for an awesome journey to the world of cryptocurrency trading.

We know you’re excited to find out about the features on our new platform. So here is a detail list of our platform enhancements and features.

A brand-new website with an awesome look. This is what you requested the most and now you have it.
A new user interface, incredibly user-friendly and with powerful features.
Now you can purchase cryptocurrencies or withdraw fiat with 20 popular fiat currencies.
100 + cryptocurrencies supported. On demand cryptocurrencies are also available.
Crypto to crypto trading, fiat to crypto trading, OTC Exclusive trades and Cryptocurrency swap program all available under a single platform.
Non Kyc programs, Kyc programs and Corporate programs are available.
Cryptocurrency payment request.
Cryptocurrency advance trading platform launching February. With 100+ crypto and fiat pair, 10X leverage.
Android & IOS apps launching March.
High end security, cold storage wallets, 2-factor authentication, PIN Security and 24×7 human surveillance. This makes our platform exceptionally safe.

To make this better, we have decided to give all our users a token of our appreciation, by removing all the fees on all your transaction on any orders for the entire month of January. Zero fees trading for one whole month from January 1, 2020, to January 31, 2020. Take full advantage and happy trading!

Users, please note from January 1, 2020, all your data will be transferred over to the new platform except for the order history. If you require your past order history, you can always get in touch we can always share that information on demand up to 6 months after which the data will be terminated.

Best Regards,
Dear users,

Enjoy our new pricing with 20 most popular fiat Currencies supported:

First 10 buyers would get $50.00 bonus. Hurry up!
Dear users,

Learn more about our cryptocurrency tickers with over 100+ most popular cryptocurrencies and alt coins available for trade.

Buy/Sell cryptocurrencies or alt coins in ease. Never miss out on a good trade get real time updates for 20 most popular fiat currencies and appropriate market data before placing a trade.
Buy/Sell any cryptocurrencies worth of 500.00 from your selected fiat currency and get 50.00 credited to your fiat wallet within 24-hours offer valid till March-31st-2020. So buy/sell as many times and make 50.00 on every order. T&C applies.
🚀 Enjoy “Zero” fees on “Fiat Deposits”, “Fiat Withdrawals” and commission free trades until April 30th 2020. We have the world’s fastest “Fiat Deposit”, “Fiat Withdrawals” and instant order processing services.
Hello everyone!

We have added a new fiat currency to our cryptocurrency exchange platform Malaysian ringgit now users from Malaysia can easily deposit MYR and trade crypto instantaneously. Check the price here:

Best regards,
Did you know? Tether fees is "Zero" since it's inception. Which is why our exchange doesn't charge you a fee to buy or sell. So next time when you consider buying Tether from somewhere make sure to check if you're charged a trading fee.
Introducing PayPal & Skrill Payments
Buy With 30 Popular Fiat/Real Currencies Only On
New payment methods added for cryptocurrency purchases on our platform.
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Now everyone can buy, sell, send, receive or withdraw cryptocurrencies on our platform without KYC!
Get started:
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Spend $100.00 and get $10.00 instantly credited to your balance on every order for the entire month of December.
Dear Users,

We have some exciting news!

Being a Fintrac licensed company in Canada with over 1 Million Users worldwide, we are offering our all new INTRADAY TRADE PROGRAM that allows you to make a $100.00 profit everyday, with only a $6000.00 crypto investment Guaranteed! You can even Withdraw or Cashout all of your investment inlcuding the Profit Regularly or just your profit with a single click of a button.

This is not something that sounds too good to be true, this is true! We only want you to use this program for 1 Day to find out if this is really beneficial and if it has it's potential. Note*: This is a low risk program and your investment will remain secure despite market conditions and you can exit the program at anytime without any hassle or deduction on your investment.

Want to know more about the program?

Just reach our OTC Desk Team through our Live Chat support, call us +1 888.629.2003 or email us and learn about the program in detail. This program is available for everyone worldwide.