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Happy slightly early new year! Announcing the immediate availability of the MTG/SWPong Rewrite, simply titled Pong 4.0! Enjoy!
The Environment Suite public beta is now here!
This is only a test to see if Twitter cross posts are working. Please ignore.
This is a final test of cross posting to Twitter. With any luck, this is now working.
Environment Suite Public Beta2 is now here.


New in PublicBeta2 (2020-03-21 (242,499)
Core engine changes.
Compiling with new PureBasic 5.72 Beta.
Fixes window title to show actual compilation date rather than today's date.
delete key on your own environments now allows for a list of debug options.
Very preliminary input box feature. Needs testing and is missing quite a lot of things, most notably copy/paste and home/end. You'll find an input box in the debug menu for environments.
Fixes bug where hazards did not reset (Thanks x0)
Saving preferences in %appdata%
Start on environment parsing within the load menu. Still have a lot of work I'm going to do to this yet. For now, you are told if there is a 3D or 2D environment.
You can now customize what the spyer sees.
Fixed a bug where if you compiled an environment and you were on a file other than environment.txt, you would get sent back there regardless (Thanks Marin for reporting)
Optional perametor for coords for speaking tiles.
Conveyer belts
First letter navigation in menu.
You can now move in two directions at once by holding two arrows.
If you run into a wall, you only hit it one time rather than repeatedly.
optional tolk support.
Decreases ram usage.
ICYMI: Environment Suite Public Beta 3 is released, which includes the builder.
After 6 months of almost complete silence, we're releasing CrimeHunter version 1.3! This version sports an entire Endless Mode redesign, as well as a lot of AI updates and other fixes.
CrimeHunter 1.3.1 was just posted fixing a few of the first bugs that have been found so far.

What's new in 1.3.1

Changes the text of getting the machine gun as part of registering the game (Thanks James Dean for bringing this misleading text to my attention)
Fixes a bug with level 6 where dying caused you to continue to die in an infinite loop (Thanks James Dean for reporting)
You are no longer told you have lives that you actually don't have in endless mode (Thanks Chris for pointing this out).
Fixes readme telling you the wrong keys for adjusting the menu music volume (Thanks James Dean for reporting).

CrimeHunter version 1.3.2 is out, and the major change here is that the scoreboard is back!
Fixes a bug where upon dying in level 9, you get sent off the map (Thanks Windows for reporting)
Adjustments to the bugfix for dying in level 6 to make it hopefully less jarring/penalizing.
The scoreboard is back! Thanks to NS Studios for the awesome scoreboard system!
Turns out the scoreboard posting was slightly broken. Version 1.3.3 is now posted fixing this.
Hi guys,
CrimeHunter version 1.3.4 is released. You'll be happy to know that this version includes an auto updater. Along with that, it includes a couple of cool additions to endless mode.
f1, f2, and f3 keys are only usable if you get a high score that is level 30 or above.
If an item spawns in endless mode, you hear a high pitch beep in the center (Thanks Maddy for the suggestion).
If you finish an endless mode level, you will automatically be taken to the next level, assuming there are no other items on the board.
Enemies can now drop hazard covers.
Adds new skill points: Weapon range, obstacle spacer.
Adds a new item that you can buy in the endless mode shop called enemy disarmer. This item will remove enemies' weapons if they have a knife, sword, or a machine gun. It is a single use only item.
Adds the auto updater, so that downloading new versions isn't so painful.
Time for your daily CH update, hahaha. CrimeHunter version 1.3.6: Bombs have been redesigned. They are actually items that fall now, and they do a lot more damage when hitting. They can also prematurely explode if they come in contact with an enemy or a chopper while falling.
Cars can now spawn past a certain level in endless mode.
The alarm in level 8's volume has been lowered (Thanks Moaddye).
A more noticeable sound for boulders falling into fire pits.
Items now stay on the ground when spawned in endless mode (Thanks Chris)
Framework3D and Pong have been updated for new synthizer 0.8 features and changes respectively. Also, the use of pth files so that framework doesn't need to be duplicated in pong's repo.
Announcement: from this point on indefinitely, mac builds are being shelved. I am waiting for the build framework on M1 to become more mature, and when the time comes that this is possible, mac builds will once again become available. Current mac versions of the games will work indefinitely. A new surprise is coming for windows users soon!
If anyone was having issues with today, it should be back and running now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
I've just added a telegram discussion group to the channel, for anyone who wants to be spammy humans. I'll try to be active on that group as much as possible, though I make no promises.
CrimeHunter version 2.4 is released!

New in 2.4
Framework now uses accessible_output2 once more, an actually working, fixed version.
We now build with nuitka. This is a major change.
Major, major code reorganization/optomization. This is a major undertaking to reorganize/optomize the CH codebase.
The stupid gen_py thing still exists, so we work around it. Thanks Christy for the idea.
Remember Shooter? A major update, version 0.60, has been released! New in 0.60
The mac version has been put on hold, at least for now.
Fixed bug that didn't let you get gun or sniper ammo.
Converted entire codebase to a newer framework. This may be broken!
Enemies can once again pick up items.
Left and right bracket to review game events. Use shift and left/right bracket to go to the top or bottom of the list.
Missile storms have been reenabled!
your starting health is now affected by the health extended skill
We now build with Nuitka
Sniper rifle now gives you two ammo per cartridge (Thanks Christy for the suggestion).
Turns down storm aftermath ambience (Thanks Christy for suggestion).
Fixes weapons speaking a bunch of random weapon names on start.
Adds workaround for gen_py problem, thanks Christy for the idea.
Please note. There are not 32-bit versions of either of these projects. 😛