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MARK.SPACE Management herewith explicates the reasons for the lag behind the previously announced deadlines for technical development and publication of an updated roadmap. This occurred after a corporate internal crisis. Due to a large number of incoming requests for further development and the commercialization of the MARK.SPACE platform, we report the following:

In May of this year, it was revealed that members of the development team tried to appropriate the MARK.SPACE technology: certain employees – behind the back of their colleagues, and investors – wanted to use the technology for personal gain. For this purpose, a legal entity was registered in Japan, through which over the past few months dishonest employees tried to sell intellectual property owned by MARK.SPACE for $ 37 million. This fact is confirmed by documents highlighted from the dossier of the internal investigation conducted by MARK.SPACE, and published at .
The documentation is provided without changes and in the original language.

In June 2019, upon discovering the abovementioned facts, MARK.SPACE Management (1) stopped financing Site Makers, a company fully controlled by Vladimir Shlyapin which, on agreement basis carried out the technical development of the MARK.SPACE platform, and (2) terminated the corporate functions and authorities of Oleg Ershov, Vladimir Shlyapin, and Dmitry Shamov, as they were the persons responsible for the incident with an attempt to appropriate MARK.SPACE technology.

Despite this state of affairs, MARK.SPACE continues platform development. At the moment, efforts are aimed at finalizing existing products and selling business solutions. Over the past six months, negotiations with venture capital funds have shown that sustainable development is necessary at this stage, only after which it will be possible to discuss the next stages of financing by venture funds and potential launch of an IPO.
The team is now actively engaged in the promotion and sale of B2B solutions (, such as visualization of real estate – objects already put into operation and those still under construction. At the moment, MARK.SPACE representatives are negotiating with companies, contracts with which will allow the company to make profit and direct it to finalize the B2C functionality of the MARK.SPACE universe. Obtaining sustainable revenue will allow to carry out the next stage of financing on optimal conditions and continue accelerated development of the MARK.SPACE infrastructure.
MARK.SPACE Management has implemented a number of decisions and actions for the immediate resolution of the critical situation:
1. Formation of a new development team: attracting specialists and strategic consultants whose main goal will be developing new components for the needs of B2B customers and refinement of the MARK.SPACE platform.
2. Attracting a large, main client – a company engaged in the construction of residential and commercial real estate, for which the main MARK.SPACE service will be the digitization of residential and office premises with their further transfer to VR-infrastructures. At the moment, MARK.SPACE and one project (name not yet subject to disclosure in accordance to the confidentiality agreement) are at the stage of negotiations on long-term cooperation and the provision of the above-mentioned services. All funds invested by this client will be directed to the technical refinement of the MARK.SPACE infrastructure and, therefore, to the promised launch of the platform into free commercial operation.

MARK.SPACE representatives are committed to keeping their investors and community members informed of the above events.
We regret that this situation has led to a negative mindset of a part of the MARK.SPACE community. We hereby declare that MARK.SPACE does not give up its obligations and promises to the community and continues to operate as per normal conditions.