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The data of the bloggers' advertising market. #Marketing #2022
Marketing is the modern art of the 21st century 🔥
It is still rational. Yes, we still want to sell goods & service. BUT: If you want to stand out, be ready to think out of the frame.
It is, actually, both good and bad for many businessmen. On the one hand, being creative may sound too easy. On the other hand, sometimes, it's harder than some exact sciences. No worries, we have the best solution - just stay yourself.
Be yourself, frame it with quality marketing, and here you are!
We'll be glad to help with the last point 😉
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Used to think "community" was one of those wanky marketing terms that didn't mean anything.

Then I went freelance and realised how important community really is. The #marketing and #freelance communities here are fucking great 🤓
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The huge analytics report with benchmarks for two dozen industries on Instagram.
90% of books that have been around for the last 500 years will still be around 500 years from now.

But hardly 1% of books published in the last 5 years will be around 500 years from now.

Yet 90% of books most people read are bestsellers published in the last 5 year.

Knowledge that can pass a 500 year filter test is infinitely more valuable than the knowledge populating the bestsellers list.
Your decisions today impact your future.

Every decision you make is either:
• An investment in your future self
• A punishment for your future self

Make decisions today that your future self will thank you for.

A few “easy” decisions that have great ROI:

• Sunlight every morning
• Sleeping 7-8+ hours
• Moving for 30 min daily
• Reading for 30 min daily
• Writing for 15 min daily
• Investing a little bit every month
• Eating real, unprocessed foods
• Daily gratitude practice
👇👌🔥 this is good 🔥👇👌

The Social Media Manager's Guide to TikTok Culture 2022


what emojis like 💀🪑🤡 really mean

tiktok subcultures you need to know about

the creators that matter the most

...and more

Download TikTok Culture guide (free):
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PS. what's your fav tiktok account right now?

(share link below. I wanna check them all out)

⚡️Cost-saving marketing ⚡️

From my experience, you'll need 5 experts (at least!) to complete any marketing project: a project manager, SMM specialist, targetologist, contextologist and SEO expert are a must. Each expert will cost you at least €2 000 - 3 000 monthly. The price depends on the country. Let's see how much you have to pay monthly for a complex marketing solution in different countries.

🟠 Baltic States: Project manager - €1750; SMM - €1650; targetologist - €1650; contextologist - €1650; SEO expert - €2700.
TOTAL: 9 400€

🟠 The United Kingdom: Project manager - €3500; SMM - €2500; targetologist - €2650; contextologist - €2660 ; SEO expert - €3500.
TOTAL: 14 810€

🟠 Germany: Project manager - €4200; SMM - €3630; targetologist - €3250; contextologist - €2900; SEO expert - €5000.
TOTAL: 18 980€

🟠 USA: Project manager - €4000; SMM - €2800; targetologist - €3250; contextologist - €3000; SEO expert - €4100.
TOTAL: 17 150€

🟠 Canada: Project manager - €3500; SMM - €2500; targetologist - €2200; contextologist - €2350; SEO expert - €3550.
TOTAL: 14 100€

Altogether, you'll have to invest not less than €10 000 - 20 000 each month. And there is no guarantee that the experts will reach the results you expect. Together with monthly training, taxes and insurances, the expenses can be even doubled.
We do offer a complete marketing team starting with €5 000. It saves you half of the budget you'd usually have to invest. The extra benefit is that you don't need to worry about taxes and salaries for each expert. We will do it all for you.
Feel free to contact the Castle Marketing Digital Agency team to get an expert marketing makeover for your business.
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Castle Marketing Digital Network has a birthday coming up, on this occasion, I'm giving 50% off for 3 months!!!
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