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gm busy busy busy week at nft nyc but have youtube video coming out today recapping market chaos and what’s to come
if i have 30 mins to edit it sometime today :)

just been holding spot last day or so, no way in hell i had time to trade

looking for short entries today into tomorrow
not gonna be able to be on much this week due to leading a retreat in mexico.

so exhausted after this week i have barely any idea what the market is doing.

however i do want to long into + short out of the new moon on the 28th, so will try to be half-awake for that.
ok, crazy travels are done for about a week. chillin overlooking the ocean in malibu so gonna get some trades out.
with youtube linked there too for long af video.
full moon dump arrived, waiting to long. will reassess tomorrow bc getting late here.

lot of alts at dire support so not a bad range to buy imo but im not for now.

did pick up some spot btc today tho just to hold. will update and maybe stream this week if i can learn to set this up while traveling.
wish i’d taken the eth short i mentioned in this video but been so busy with insane travel / content i have to film, couldn’t rly be bothered.
if you took it congrats. hoping to have some more time while in paris this week to enter positions.
opened eth short at 1740, targeting 1680 first
nearly hit
hopefully by when i wake up
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dis hit btw
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prob open more today when i get the chance