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This CHANNEL began with MAKING POLITICAL HISTORY - a historic nonpartisan voting and civic program educating legitimate ways to NEVER repeat those last 2 years again, and equip you to amplify this education. The intent is lifestyle participation.
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Great to see some NSW political discussion coming in. I know I have not stepped in this time, though have been asked to make a training video for someone.
💥NSW Election💥 Sharon Cousins (here) is a very dedicated researcher. She has done some great work to help those with Values of life, family, faith and freedom to vote wisely.

Doc #1 on the website contains all Sharon's information so far; docs #2-4 are where she has separated out the Information from Upper House and Lower Houses. As VIPs in this channel (Very Interested Persons!), please go through the Information in the first doc first up. of us with a strong
P.S. 💥All How To Vote cards are subject to your own choices. Every research has a bias (of course!) and noone is "right".

You can compare How To Vote recommendations from sources with similar values but place some candidate names in a different order. Work out who would be strong and effective in parliament.

The MAIN THING is sharing and talking to your NSW friends. A NON Labor-Green government must be successfully voted in or we get an entire country running unapologetically down one slope.

Getting maximum reach with either source is the key.
💥IMPORTANT MESSAGE💥Knowledge gap in NSW Election voter education - to be filled this weekend. 💥

Good, well intentioned people are not understanding the mathematical patterns as preferences flow through the counting. So, WELL INTENDED advice will produce WRONG RESULTS.

NSW preferencing is much simpler than VIC! 💥But getting your favourite candidates in is a MATHEMATICAL problem. Our team's factual, very complex mathematical analysis of how preferences flow, shows up the probable flow OBJECTIVELY. You still vote for your favourites, but the ORDER 🎯 is crucial, to MAXIMISE THEIR CHANCE.

The stoical pattern may be counter- intuitive, but it has to be that way to COUNTER the big-party BIAS in counting systems.

The reasoning is extremely complex, but ‼️we must take it on ‼️ or Values and Freedom friendly parties forever stay on the periphery with minimal or no influence!

Later today - definitely this weekend - I have a short VIDEO out to explain and show how. Its easy in NSW! And you can still use all the excellent research from the the Values charts and candidate/party policies. (All the facts).

‼️ The 🔑 is in the ORDER so that your choices get a CHANCE.‼️
I am not a Keating fan but his knowledge, and strength with journalists, puts his quaking interviewer and most of our current politicians to awful shame.

Its an interesting interview. And Keating is right on some things. The incompetence through our higher leadership I think is appalling - indicates their expertise is pretty much delivering scripted lines and jetting off to world leaders who all agree on things we never voted for.

I hope I am not being too harsh. On the other hand, we have just what the country voted for.... Lets say, there's plenty of room for individuals of conviction.
Not directly Australia but sure involves us! "A very important thread", Elon Musk says. I agree.
💥I'm going live on YouTube in 1-2 hours to deliver the NSW Intelligent Voting to SHARE.💥

It will COMPLEMENT and TURBO CHARGE what some others have done in How To Vote cards. It will be like a filter to OVERLAY your How To Vote Card. Otherwise many favourite candidates will not get in. This one is not complicated!

💥Will advise the TIME TO LIVESTREAM soon.
💥💥Going LIVE 5PM Today (Melbourne) for "NSW: Master Effective Selection Techniques (In One Lesson)". See this channel,
Check videos on fb, under SeOS profile, if you want to see what is happening in France. Or search in Twitter on "Macron".
A very good interview. Think about how this unfolded in Melbourne, how this women's protest was artfully associated with extremists, and how media have spun the story. And why would the VIC Liberal leader threaten to oust an MP for attending the women's protest? Where are the spines in these leaders? ....Or am I wrong?
💥💥Hot off the press: NEW Scrutineer Training for the NSW Elections!💥💥
Scrutineers - The "Quiet Heroes of Elections".

This training will also be distributed through Turning Point Australia,

In 3 Parts, with timestamps for convenience, here it is. Please share with your NSW friends and potential scrutineers.
Why is it that all these people of certain beliefs amend up work a *unsh*t wound to the head?

I hate reading about happenings like this. It bothers me more than a lot of things.

"LIVE INTERVIEW 🎤 Brett Tunbridge For Maranoa - Australian Federation Party our QLD Australian Federation Party State Organiser and key witness was interviewed live on TNT radio today regarding the Warwick siege that used acoustic weapons to drive Steve Harrison to an early grave on Monday."

See more info on the post's page (Ryan Otto, AFParty)
We are still a commonwealth and its not the politicians' right to force a Republic when its so far been rejected soundly by Australians. (Whatever side of the fence you sit on).

The coronation of the King is a big deal. And Victorians can't have celebrations???
Here is a petition Bev MacArthur MP is putting forward. She is a consistently strong parliamentarian.

It's not Dan Andrews' right to deny that.
Here is a full explanation of the video shown the other day of a lady in Maitland filming ballot boxes being taken away. I also provided an explanation (set ofv questions and guidelines) above, but this is fair and very good.

Our responsibility is to scrutinise and question, that's good. But we can see how over-reaction (including the Electoral Commissioner workers' disdain) can feed suspicion.

Also, thanks @Joel Jammal for the shoutout on the training i created for them.... If you haven't signed up to scrutineer yet, please do!
So we have all States on the mainland ands Federal now Labor. Wow.

The upside might be that things go so fast in one direction that a tipping point with people, the other way, is arrived at faster. I do think Australia needs to get an appetite for involvement.