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MagiskHide Props Config v5.0.0-v64 (48)

⚡️Magisk Module
⚡️Change your device's fingerprint, to pass SafetyNet's CTS Profile check. Set/reset prop values set by MagiskHide. Change any prop values easily, and set your own custom props.

By: Didgeridoohan
5.6 MB
L Speed v1.6.6

⚡️Magisk Module
⚡️The most advanced and fully customizable Android tweaker.

⚡️More Info

- Added backup and restore function
- Added ability to remove and save log to sdcard
- Log view should show bottom of the log when showing it
- Improved applying scripts
- Updated CPU optimization, removed some things
- Updated VM tweaks
- Fixed previously mentioned issues
- Improved design
- Optimized app code

By: @Paget96
Follow: @AndroidRepo
9.4 MB
Magisk Manager (9348c5ba) (289)

⚡️Magisk Manager Canary

- Update Magisk log views to respect navigation bar hiding
- Show release notes in install fragment
- Minor changes in code for generating the key for repackage Magisk Manager
- Remove usage of grid layouts in app
12.1 MB
Magisk (97b72a59) (20419)

⚡️Magisk Canary

- Revert to using old SELinux rules on pre Android 8.0 devices, fix unable to gain root access on older systems.