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#app #pdf #reader #meego
NSR Reader for Harmattan

NSR Reader is a powerful reader for PDF, DjVu, TIFF and TXT files. It offers desktop quality for reading without any conversion and optimized for touchscreen devices. Key features:

saves last opened document and its position;
text mode;
protected PDFs;
fullscreen, rotate;
kinetic scroll and UI animation;
fit to screen;
reads Chinese and Japanese documents and more.

Download (full version): direct, MEGA
Archived Ovi Store link: Wayback Machine
#app #metronome #meego
Metronome for Harmattan

This is a simple and easy to use metronome application with all
the essential functionality that you would expect from a metronome.
The user interface has clear graphics and design which allows
convenient one hand usage. And it's free.

- Set tempo with dial or just tap the screen
- Visual indicator for beats
- Control sound on/off
- Easy one hand usage

Download: direct, MEGA
#game #talking #hamster #meego
Talking Hamster for Harmattan

Get everything you say repeated by this cute little hamster.
Talking Hamster is a voice-altering app that features an animated hamster, that repeats what you say in high-pitched squeaky voices in real-time.
This app gives you hours of hilarious laughter.
Features also Happy Birthday song.
Works in any language!

Download: MEGA
#game #talking #tiger #meego
Talking Tiger for Harmattan

Talking, recording and repeat with funny tone! Playing with him with pet, beat, and he will react with you.

Download: MEGA
Archived Ovi Store link: Wayback Machine
#game #talking #cat #meego
Talking Cat for Harmattan

Talking Cat is 3D animated cat that talks and repeat what you say. You can interact with him by tapping the screen.

Download: MEGA
#app #dictionary #meego
Dictionary Star for Harmattan

DictionaryStar is a dictionary reader that supports dictionary files in the StarDict format. This program doesn't include any dictionary files, but it has functionality to easily download and install dictionaries. StarDict dictionaries are available for most languages and specialist categories, and they are generally free of charge.

Copy dictionaries to /home/user/.stardict/dic

Download: direct, MEGA
#app #torch #meego
PhoneTorch for Harmattan

Turn your Nokia N9 into LED flashlight by using the bright white flash LEDs (contain emission without flickering).

Download: direct, MEGA
Maemo/MeeGo Channel 🌍 pinned Β«In my channel I use hashtags. That means, searching for apps & games for your platform is much easier πŸ™‚ To search for only apps, you can just click on #app on any post. To search for only games, just click on #game in any post. You can combine hashtags. For…»
#emoji #sms #fix #harmoji #meego
Harmoji (EmojiFix) for Harmattan

Harmoji is the Harmattan implementation of Emoji. Harmoji enables the viewing of Emoji characters throughout the system.

It supports all the emoji found in the iOS (Incl. iOS6) and Android versions.

Download: direct, MEGA
Channel photo updated
#app #hdr #camera #meego
HDR Pro Camera for Harmattan

HDR Pro Camera creates well-exposed images captured with the camera or from pictures in the photo gallery. Different parameters can be controlled, for instance saturation, brightness, contrast, picture alignment and others.

Download: direct, MEGA
#app #watermark #meego
Watermark Photo for Harmattan

Watermark your images with text, timestamps, pictures, QR codes, and signatures. Watermark ships with different stamps including signatures of Einstein, Da Vinci, top secret, and other fun stamps. Fonts, color, and opacity can be modified. Scale, rotate, and move watermarks easily with touch gestures.

Download: direct, MEGA
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#app #cli #tree #meego
Tree for Harmattan

Displays an indented directory tree, in color
Tree is a recursive directory listing command that produces a depth indented listing of files, which is colorized ala dircolors if the LS_COLORS environment variable is set and output is to tty. It works via terminal, so no UI!
Just use tree command.

Download: direct, MEGA
#app #cameraplus #camera #meego
cameraplus is an alternate open camera application initially developed for Harmattan.

cameraplus captures images, records videos, has timer support, has a nice post capture page and a bunch of other features including zoom during video recording.

Download: direct, MEGA
#app #cli #deb #creator #meego
DEB packages creator for Harmattan

This is a small command-line tool that can create a small packages, for example for your mods, directly on your phone..
On your first start it will ask you which PDF instruction you want and after applying, you will find PDF file in your Documents folder. PLEASE read it to understand how to create packages.
Created package can be installed via dpkg -i or double click on the file from filebox/case.
Use created .deb files ON YOUR OWN RISK!

Download: direct, MEGA