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Forwarded from Live Free w/ John Bush
Packing my bags for the big move out to the country in a few months.

Feeling deep in my cells the call for an even simpler, more deeply connected, and creative life.

As the worlds old systems fall apart, I feel quite glad to not be psychologically tangled up in them.

The only way through this next chapter, 10-20 years, is becoming locally resilient and interdependent, while also securely networked.

Disentangle from every centralized power structure possible.

Stop giving banks and other legacy systems your money.

Become highly trustworthy in the communities that matter to you.

Stop sending your kids to government run talent grinders (public schools).

Grow your own food.

Snap out of the illusion that things are going back to the way they were.

If most people knew the truth they’d understand that things were NEVER the way they seemed.

From my standpoint, there will be two societies within the next ten years.

The Slaves and the Free.

Those without a deep spiritual connection, constant pursuit of self knowledge and a healthy, tech-resistant brain are prime targets for having their attention harvested and their minds captured.

Metaverse, no thank you.

Natural world, yes please.

- Jesse Elder
Really fantastic summary if global corruption and the simple natural solution
Forwarded from Planet Lockdown Film
People should stop using ZOOM. The terms and conditions allow the company to rilfe through your computer files. Jitsi is an open source alternative that is encrypted and recommended: