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Time to end human trafficking!
Last year we had someone who has a gold covered "green thumb" help us start a fruit and veggie garden in our back yard. Of course my dog Liberty gladly accepted the fresh fruit at her eye level and then some. We had been eyeing a different type of garden system that would grow from a vertical structure. This week those "structures" came in. We will now have 4 outdoor and 3 indoor. Let me know if you are interested in seeing how we are changing our gardening system! No weeds!

We are pumped!
This week has been a life changing week in our household. I am sharing a bit of the journey with you because I think it is important that when we experience breakthrough we share it with you too!

We have multiple generations living in our household. This is the breakthrough we experienced this week...

Grandpa's blood sugar levels have been consistently lower, and his everyday pain is gone. (Age 80)

Jeremy has more energy and is sleeping through the night. His fatigue during the day has pretty much diminished.

One of our daughters no longer has sleep disruptions during the night anymore.

As for me...I have been rid of all digestive issues, sleep disruptions, and my fatigue left during the campaign trail. My energy level is incredible.

We have changed to whole food nutrition, and these gardens. Just wanted to share...

Never give up on healing! God is good!
Tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. I get to share my recent health story (my family’s too)! Please join and hop in tomorrow. Comment below or message me for the zoom info!

God bless!

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Congratulations to my dear friends in Arizona Mark Finchem and Janae Shamp!!!!
Praising God for your victories!
Kari Lake Congratulations! I am thrilled for you! The establishment can shove it!
Devastating news!

RIP Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.
Faith with out works is dead.

There was a time in my life where certain men and women broke my spirit. I was silenced. I was shut down.

God was my strength. He is and will forever be my strength.

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Abortion is NEVER an emergency contraceptive. How about we take care of the rapists? That’s the actual problem. Solution? Harsher penalties.
Yes, of course you can practice in freedom whatever faith you choose. I am not stopping you. Adhering to the U.S. Constitution is not a religion. It was written with language from the Bible proclaiming, initiating, and sustaining our freedom.

Abortion goes against every fiber of our DNA as Americans and more importantly, humanity. When the solution for crime is death of the innocent…we cannot be free.
Supporting any agenda less…not American.

P.S. I can refer you to a travel agent if you would like that can find a country more suitable to that form of government…


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Do not be afraid to fight thru peace, law, and order. Large government is attempting to shut us up and shut us down. They are using fear tactics to prevent us from governing instead of being governed.

There is massive shaking taking place. You get decide to be a solution and which side of history you want to be a part of.

This is the operative tactics of a third world country.

Do not sit idle. It is time to for the establishment to crumble.

Get involved! Praying for #45 🇺🇸
And this is why I said on the campaign trail that we need to abolish the alphabet agencies. My opponents thought I was off my rocker…

Not so much.
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Interesting to hear crickets from some elected officials and candidates from the events that transpired today.