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Forwarded from 6029679/21
Media is too big
We are calling for Sir Mark Rowley commissioner of the Metropolitan police to reopen and fully investigate crime number 6029679/21 - the biggest crime perpetrated against the British people. We will not be ignored or silenced until the police do the job we pay them to do.

The police were informed of all of the evidence that is now being revealed in Matt Hancocks WhatsApp messages and did nothing.

In todays Telegraph, they are calling for the arrest of Matt Hancock

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Please share this information on social media whilst this is trending - we need the whole TRUTH to come out NOW!

Matt Le Tissier, Richard Vobes, Sandi Adams Clive de Carle SlipMatt Matthew Nelson
Sid Cordle Chan Abraham all confirmed guests for the podcastathon 29-30 April live from Cardiff in aid of #publicchildprotectionwales
Forwarded from Royboy17 (Roy Davies)
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This is happening, please share ! Pray πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™