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Mission to the moon
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Loteo is digital automated lottery platform that uses blockchain and smart contracts to create a fully transparent lottery with higher chances to win.
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Congrats to the annab on leading us to the moon this week! Better luck next time to all participants!

Don't you wanna be our next MoonVisitor and take those ETH home? Login to your account at playloteo.com and secure your ticket for next week!
The heads cooled off a little bit after all those records in last months Moon of Fortune campaign but some user still had their joy in last week's games.
Ladies and gentlemen the Kings and the Heroes:
We want to apologise to our community for not being able to play games on our platform and that's why our Spacegirl has a message for you above.☝🏼

Stay tuned because we'll be back stronger than ever!
We have seen some crazy numbers in October with a total volume above 150m LOTEU!
Many users were spinning for the grand prize but there could be only one winner.
Congratulations Rista, and don't spend it all at once
It might be a a bit later than usual for us to announce it, but we haven't forgotten our faithful community.
What's most important is that you have fun, and on the link bellow you can check what special rewards we prepared for you:
Fomo will come in #2020
LOTEU/EUR soon open again on eterbase!!
Kobe Bryant, 41, the legendary basketball star who spent 20 years with the LA Lakers, passed away today.
Combine different boosts to get a MAXIMUM boost of 180Kw to be the fastest car in the race. Watch everyone bite the dust and win it all! You can combine, car boost, team boost, referral bobost and IOI token boost to be the champion!

The things you've been waiting has come.

Today we want to announcement to all of our community, we will make another pools voting for which coins you want to be listed to our platform.

🔥 The Coin Community Voting IOI Game Platform 🔥

The coins was separate to each group, on each group will have a few different coins. So you can choose which coin group who want to be listed into our platform. All coins on the group coins who have been chosen as the winner, will have another voting between other coin on that's group. The winner from the coin voting will be listed to our platform.

Here is yours chance to see your favorite coins on our platform. So, don't forget to use your vote power for the voting coins contest.
Which coin you want to be listed into IOI Game Platform ?
Anonymous Poll
🟢 Group B : LINK | XTZ | ZIL | WINK | ENJ
From today we start Never ending airdrop. Free races every 10 minutes winner takes 10 TRX !