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iPad Air with M1 Review (2022 version)

Buy one on Amazon: http://lon.tv/a15ny (compensated affiliate link) - Apple's mid-range iPad Air gets a huge performance boost thanks to the M1 Processor - the same chip and specs found in the iPad Pro, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro 13. If only there were software to take advantage of it! See more iPad content: http://lon.tv/ipad & Subscribe for more at http://lon.tv/s
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Social Shopping & Trust

See my earlier video about Amazon's social shopping platform: http://lon.tv/amazonsocial - Social Shopping will be the next big thing in social media with Amazon, YouTube and Tiktok all jumping in. Social shopping already generates over $170 billion in sales in China.
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How I'm using the Plex Media Server in 2022 (sponsored)

I am a long-time Plex user and I thought I would give you an update on how I'm using it for my personal media consumption.
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⚡️The Wyze Cam Vulnerability and How the Verge Blew it Out of Proportion

Bitdefender revealed this week that Wyze Cameras had a vulnerability since 2019 that could allow an attacker on the local network the ability to bypass authentication and access the SD card. While bad, it was only exploitable if the hacker was on the same network as the camera. It was not accessible over the Internet as The Verge first indicated.
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Why Nobody Controls Podcasting

Podcasting is crazy popular and still operates the way the Internet used to work: as decentralized media. We'll take a look at how podcasting works and some of the challenges for small creators in this week's wrapup.
Emulate in a Browser??

Emulation is a fun way to experience old computers and video game consoles on modern hardware. But it can be a pain to get working. The good news is that there are a number of "one click" options that will emulate many old systems inside a web browser! I explore a few of the more notable ones in this week's wrapup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrLPaq4G0wE
I am working on diversifying my content through my new blog at http://blog.lon.tv - With that I will also be sending out a digest email a few days a week with my latest video uploads and any interesting links that I come across. Subscribe at http://lon.tv/digest !
Today I’ll be working on a review of an Airthings radon detector. What was interesting when we did the livestream unboxing the other day was how many people were not aware of the dangers of radon gas in their home. That’ll be part of the review. https://www.amazon.com/live/channel/2b22dc34-d2e3-4a22-92ba-8e43ab063fa8/ref=al_desktop_flex_immersive_title_bar?broadcast=6135712c-4ec9-4e98-b4a1-8510e8090df4
Airthings Wave Plus Review - Radon & Air Quality Detector - Why is Radon Dangerous?

Buy one on Amazon: http://lon.tv/omfj8 (compensated affiliate link) - Radon is a dangerous radioactive gas that is the second leading source of lung cancer in the United States. The Airthings Wave Plus can detect Radon levels in a home over long periods of time & measure other air quality metrics. See more smarthome - http://lon.tv/iot and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

It was a relatively productive week here on the channel. We investigated an attempt to employ copyright bots on the entire Internet, reviewed a great $99 chromebook, looked at Plex Hardware transcoding on AMD Ryzen chips, and checked out an awesome estate auction retro game haul! See everything in my weekly newlsetter here: https://lon.tv/sendyblast/w/yHfZgAM7olO892CuEuPDar0w you can subscribe to the weekly at lon.tv.email or the daily digest at lon.tv/digest