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George isn't happy.
Neither is this lumberjack dude.
The four horsemen of the apocalypse. Because this seems to be the year for it.
Maybe this is that dark winter Joey talked about.
Getting started on my next newsletter. They take awhile so I try to do it whenever I get a free moment.
My fingers are weak. This takes some strength in your hands.
More newsletter stuff.
For the next mailing.
Quick painting of lazy Malcolm the cat.
This one is the glitter party version
If you're on Gab and you would enjoy talking about liberty, freedom, and the books, ideas, and such related to that, there is a group on Gab to do that: https://gab.com/groups/34965
What's this?.....
Looks like another mailing is out the door!
Some crazy stamps coming your way. If you're a collector, some are 20+ years old. I'm using them up!